Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/8/09)

October 08, 2009 |


Wake Forest play-by-play voice Stan Cotten is up to talk with Drew. He starts off by telling how the team is currently feeling good about where it is. He explains that the coaching staff is very pleased withthe offensive numbers put up so far. He admits that Maryland has had the Demon Deacons number recently. Cotten hopes that the team will come together in order to finish the season strong.


Mike Frenz from the Maryland Stadium Authority makes an appearance. Frenz talks about the idea of building a new outdoor stadium in Baltimore, primarily for soccer. He explains that the Maryland Stadium Authority plans, builds, and manages stadiums in the state. A study is being done to determine the cost for building a new stadium along with the amount of money that will be brought in. This will determine whether or not building a new stadium is practical.


Brian Billick comes on for his weekly talk with Drew. He will be calling the Washington-Carolina game this weekend. He begins by talking about the 0-4 Titans. Brian still believes the Titans are a good football team. He points out that the team is not much different from the team that started out so fast last season. Brian next talks about the impact Mike Nolan has had on the Denver Broncos defense. Finally, Brian speaks about the protection given to NFL quarterbacks. He states that the roughing the passer penalty on Terrell Suggs this past weekend was a bad one. The rules is not the problem in this case, but the use of it. The protection of players is a very important point for the league.


Tavares Gooden wakes up early to talk on the show. He talks about how he celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday. He goes on to state that he has a great chance to play this weekend. He explains that his not playing this past week was a precautionary measure. He calls his relationship with Ray Lewis “tremendous.” He also discusses the resurgence of the Miami Hurricanes. Next, he explains that he does not understand why players such as Chad Ochocinco talk trash during the week leading up to a game. Tavares finishes the segment by giving us a Ray Lewis impression.