Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/9/09)

October 09, 2009 |


Andy Behrens from Yahoo! Sports comes on to offer his weekly fantasy advice. He tells Drew to start Tim Hightower and Ronnie Brown over Sammy Morris and LenDale White. He states that Jerome Harrison is a good pick-up that is still available in many leagues. He also advises Drew to start Steve Breaston over Pierre Garcon. He calls the Bengals defense and the Broncos defense good plays for the rest of the season.


The talk about the referees continues this morning as a caller brings up the fact that no Ravens were fined despite their comments after the game. He believes that the league may have taken the point that some of the rules may need reviewing.


Rex Hoggard from the Golf Channel is next up. He talks about the ongoing Presidents Cup. Phil Mickelson and Steve Stricker led the US team yesterday to a one-point lead. He also talks about how Greg Norman has effectively put aside his current distractions to help lead the international team.


Drew and Glenn do their weekly Picks and Comment segment.

Drew’s Picks

Bills 24 Browns 13

Redskins 17 Panthers 10

Steelers 30 Lions 12

Cowboys 24 Chiefs 14

Giants 24 Raiders 6

Eagles 34 Bucs 16

Vikings 38 Rams 20

49ers 23 Falcons 20

Cardinals 30 Texans 27

Broncos 23 Patriots 20 (OT)

Seahawks 17 Jaguars 13

Colts 28 Titans 20

Jets 20 Dolphins 10

Rhode Island 24 Towson 13

Navy 40 Rice 21

Wake Forest 32 Maryland 21

Ravens 24 Bengals 17

Glenn’s Picks

Bills 13 Browns 10

Panthers 17 Redskins 6

Steelers 27 Lions 14

Cowboys 24 Chiefs 20

Giants 31 Raiders 7

Eagles 23 Bucs 10

Vikings 35 Rams 10

Falcons 27 49ers 24

Cardinals 34 Texans 30

Patriots 24 Broncos 13

Jaguars 20 Seahawks 16

Titans 26 Colts 20

Jets 23 Dolphins 16

Towson 10 Rhode Island 9

Navy 34 Rice 17

Wake Forest 30 Maryland 27

Ravens 24 Cincinnati 16


Mike Florio of is on to talk some football with Drew. The first topic of discussion is the signing of Michael Crabtree. Florio explains that Crabtree only hurt himself with his extended holdout.


Florio next talks about the rules that place protection on certain positions in the NFL. He states that quarterbacks are in a very vulnerable position when throwing the ball and that every QB needs to be protected, not just superstars like Tom Brady. Florio moves on to the Tennessee Titans’ poor start. He brings up the loss of Jim Schwartz and Albert Haynesworth. He explains that the team could lose all hope early in the season if it does not turn it around soon.


The Bengals color man, Dave Lapham is the next guest. Lapham first talks about the improvements to the defensive side of the ball. He mentions the addition of Mike Zimmer as a key move. He next moves on to the resurgence of Cedric Benson. He talks about how Benson has seized his second chance and excelled with his new team. Lapham next describes the Bengals current injury problems. The team’s official injury report can be found here.


Dannell Ellerbe, Ravens linebacker makes an early morning appearance. Ellerbe explains that he enjoys watching Chad Ochocinco play and it will be a big experience playing against him. He talks about the pressure on him after losing the first game in which he had significant playing time.




Jeff FitzGerald, the Bengals linebacker coach is up early to come on with Drew. FitzGerald held the same position with the Ravens from 2004-2007.


He starts off by talking about the improved defensive unit for the Bengals. He explains that the group finished last year strong and the team has carried that momentum into this season. He next describes the odd finish to the Bengals loss to the Broncos in week 1. He states that the team had good coverage on for the pass. He calls the play a learning experience for the team. The team remained focused the week afterwards and had a bounce back win at Green Bay. FitzGerald goes on to compliment Cam Cameron’s use of different players in the Ravens offense. He believes that Ravens offense is the the Bengals will have faced so far.