Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/12/09)

November 12, 2009 |


Finally this morning we have Drew and Glenn’s picks for the game tonight.

Drew: 49ers 24 – Chicago 20

Glenn: 49ers17 – Chicago 12


Sean Salisbury is now on to talk some football. Sean begins by talking about the Cincinnati Bengals. He calls the Bengals’ defense “impressive.” He is still hesitant about the team because of its past history. There is still a chance the “Old Bengals” could resurface. Drew states that he is starting to give up on the Denver Broncos. Sean agrees that the Broncos are not a great team. He thinks they could easily lose to a team like the Raiders late in the season. Moving on, Sean believes that Miami Dolphins are an under-the-radar team. When looking at the roster, it is clear that the team has talent. They are a team that Sean would not want to go up against. Sean next talks about the rumors about Michael Vick possibly going to Buffalo. Sean explains that Buffalo would be a good place for Vick to continue to rebuild his career.


Ron “Fang” Mitchell, the coach of the Coppin State basketball team is the next guest. He first talks about the changes to his roster for the upcoming season. The team must fill the void left by Tywain McKee who was the MEAC Player of the Year last season. He next discusses how his team will be playing more home games this season than in previous ones. This is partially due to the team’s new arena. He finishes by explaining the importance of this year for himself. After a long tenure at Coppin, Mitchell wants to prove those who do not think the team will have a good season wrong.



Another caller laments the fact that the Ravens have become a passing team when they have more weapons win the running game.


Two callers present different views about the Ravens beating the Steelers. The first thinks that the Ravens will be able to win in Baltimore. The second does not see how the Ravens defense can contain the weapons of the Steelers, particularly rookie Mike Wallace.



A caller asks about the idea of carrying two kickers. Drew agrees that this may be the right choice in this situtation. However, he states that the roster spot and salary may not be worth it.


Head coach of the Charleston Southern basketball team, Barclay Radebaugh joins Drew to talk about college basketball. He starts off by discussing his guard Jamarco Warren. Warren is a prolific scorer, and Radebaugh states that he only must improve his defense to be a complete star. He goes on to say that his team’s upcoming game against Maryland will be a good learning experience. The Bucs were picked to finish 9th in the Big South, but Radebaugh believes that other coaches and the media may be underestimating his team. Drew brings up the schools’ very poor record against the ACC (1-40). Radebaughexplainsthat Charleston Southern can play withthe perimeter players of the ACC, but struggles to compete with the stronger and larger players inside.



A caller supports Drew’s assertion that members of the local media need to do more in regards to college teams. He points out that many fans are not able to afford to go to University of Maryland games very often, and these local colleges can provide quality games for much less money and time.


Drew now takes a shot at Jerry Coleman. Coleman allegedly states that listeners are listening to John Harbaugh’s press conference “exclusively” on Fox 1370. Drew wants to tell Coleman to “stop fibbing.” He follows up Glenn’s remarks he also makes a low blow at other members of the media, who do nothing to cover local college basketball teams. This not only offers support for the teams, but also aids the athletic departments. In fact Drew explains this is a fact, not just a low blow.


Glenn starts off “Cheap Shots From the Bleachers” by calling out the entire sport of college basketball. This sport is the only major sport that does nothing to promote the start of the season. Instead of having marquee national matchups that are widely televised, top tier teams face cupcakes in games that are difficult to access. He calls the entire first week of college basketball terrible. He explains that schools and conferences need to focus on promoting the start of the season.