Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/13/09)

November 13, 2009 |


Andy Behrens is next up to give some fantasy advice. He tells us to avoid Kyle Orton. Orton always sticks with short passes rather than taking chances down the field. He also explains that Mike Bell should sit this week after getting so few carries last game.


Suzy Kolber, the sideline reporter for ESPN Monday Night Football is next up. She states that if the Ravens are unable to defeat the Browns on Monday night the season is essentially over for them. Kolber next talks about the rapid decline of the Browns. She mentions the high expectations for the team last year and how the team has never been close to reaching them. She also discusses the protest planned for the game. She believes that it would be a good thing for the organization if the fans are truly able to make a statement. She moves on to the goals for the rest of her career. She has always dreamed of covering the Olympics.



Brian Billick now joins us. He will be at the Philadelphia-San Diego game this weekend. The Chargers appear to have turned their season around. Both teams are 5-3 and second in their divisions. Each will be looking to make a statement win. Brian next talks about how the Ravens coaching staff must focus the team for a game against a lesser opponent. It is important to keep every aspect of preparation the same as any other week. We seem to be having some problems keeping Brian on the line so his segment will be cut short this week.



Randy Monroe, the head coach of the UMBC basketball team is the next guest. He begins by talking about how his team will face a tough opponent in their first game, playing Morgan State on Sunday. He explains that although many teams start off by facing cupcakes, it gives his team a valuable test early on. He next describes how his team will replace Jay Greene. Greene averaged over 12 points and 6 assists last season. The team will bring in two transfers. Chris De La Rosa from Sienna and Robbie Jackson from Marshall will both be counted on to make and impact this year. On his chances of making a run at the American East championship, Monroe explains that the league is always “topsy-turvy” and every team has a chance at the title.



Mike Florio of is on to talk some football with Drew. He talks about the various coaches that will be available this season. He points out that some positions are much more attractive than others. For example, the Cleveland Browns possible opening is one that an established coach would more than likely not look into. He also discusses the probability that the next NFL season will be uncapped.


Virginia Tech football analyst, Mike Burnop is on to talk about the team’s upcoming game against the University of Maryland. He starts off by discussing Tech’s up-and-down season. The season has been disappointing because of the high expectations placed on the team in the preseason. Tech is just a few plays away from being in a much better position, possibly with only one loss. Because of some of these disappointments, Burnop believes the Hokies will come out ready to play against the Terps. Burnop moves on to the disparity between the two divisions of the ACC this season. The Coastal division has been clearly strong this year.