Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/20/09)

November 20, 2009 |


Andy Behrens from Yahoo! Sports is on to offer his weekly fantasy advice. To get all the details on who to start make sure you check out the audio vault.  


A caller informs us that the release of Steve Hauschka made his week and that no one could be worse. He also asks Drew why the Ravens did not bring back Chris McAlister. Glenn points out that Billy Cundiff could be much worse than Hauschka.


The Colts’ sideline reporter, Kevin Lee is now on to talk about the Ravens-Colts matchup this weekend. He first reminds everyone that any team can win on every given Sunday. He next describes the differences between Tony Dungy and Jim Caldwell. Lee explains that the two are very similar although, Caldwell will occasionally get more heated during practices. He moves on the injuries depleting the Colts secondary. He points out the strong safety play that has kept the Colts defense strong. On the topic of Matt Stover, he believes that Stover could return to Baltimore if and when he is released after Adam Vinatieri returns from injury.



Randy Monroe, head coach of the UMBC basketball, is the next guest. He first talks about the coaching he did at the end of the game against the Loyola Greyhounds. He is not second guessing his decision to wait to call a timeout in the final seconds. Monroe states that he is always telling his players that they must maintain throughout games. He talks about the adjustments his team has been forced to make after losing Jay Greene and Darryl Proctor. He knows that the team will improve with time. Monroe next discusses the idea of a Baltimore-area showdown.



Mike Florio is now talking some football with Drew. He talks about the Bengals’ signing of Larry Johnson. He states that as long as Johnson behaves himself, the gamble should be worth it for the Bengals. Florio believes that if the Buffalo Bills brings in a quality coach, the team could turn around very quickly. He explains that the team needs to have a plan that every part of the organization agrees with. He also states that each of the undefeated teams this weekend need to be careful with their opponents.



Merton now joins us from Indianapolis. He promises to call in at 8:30 on Monday regardless of the result of the game on Sunday. He makes a wager with Drew. If the Colts win Drew and Glenn must sing the Colts’ fight song. If the Ravens win, Merton will personally apologize Bob in Parkville.  


Bill Herrion, head coach of the New Hampshire Wildcats men’s basketball team is on with Drew. His team will face off against the Terps tonight at the Comcast Center. Herrion begins by talking about his difficult road schedule early in the season. Besides playing Maryland the Wildcats will also go up against Pitt and Hofstra. He next brings up his teams experience level. He explains that even though their is only one senior on his roster, many of the other players have significant on-court experience.