Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/12/10)

January 12, 2010 |


Dan from Fallston next calls in. He talks about how the Ravens only passed the ball 10 times this past weekend. If the team is able to run the ball that often, the team is probably in good shape no matter what.


Stan Cotten, the play-by-play voice of Wake Forest, is next up with Drew. He discusses the up and down season Wake has experienced thus far. He calls the team’s inconsistent nature “odd.” Cotten next turns to how the Demon Deacons will try to shut down Greivis Vasquez. He states that Vasquez will definitely get his points, Wake must just limit his overall impact on the game. Cotten agrees with Drew that the ACC is having a down year this season.



Drew and Glenn talk about the decision Bill Belichick to defer to start the game. Both agree that in the playoffs, it is very important to start off with the ball in order to have a chance to seize momentum. No team can assume there will be a close game and they can “steal” a possession by taking the ball in the second half. Glenn also brings up the fact that the Colts have never won after a first round bye in the playoffs.



Steve in Edgewood is next up. He brings up the idea that the Ravens should knock Manning out of the game early on and deal with a fine or suspension later on. Its probably not a good plan.


Jerry from Timonium calls in. He brings up a previous game against the Colts in which Peyton Manning abused the secondary early on. He states that the Ravens need to get off to a much better start and rush the passes more effectively to have any chance of winning.



Tom in Rising Sun is the next caller. He compares that Patriots receiving corps to the Colts. Drew states that he believes Colts receivers and tight ends are much stronger that those of the Patriots. Tom also asks whether or not Flacco will be able to get back into a rhythm passing the ball. Drew explains that the team’s plan was not to run the ball as much as they did.


Patrick Stevens joins Drew to talk about the Terps. Stevens talks about the scheduling issues for the mens’ basketball team. After the teams victory over Florida State on Sunday night, the team had a short turn around before having to face Wake Forest tonight. On the topic of Wake, Stevens talks about how the Demon Deacons also lost to William & Mary during their out of conference schedule. Stevens next discusses with Drew how the ACC is most likely not as strong as it has been in recent years. Stevens states that if one player a night other than Greivis Vasquez can step up, the Terps will be a dangerous team. To finish up Stevens talks about how the CAA is a very strong basketball conference this season. It is a distinct possibility that a team could get an at-large bid out of the conference.



Kevin in Baltimore is the next caller. He asks Drew what advice he would give to Tiger Woods. Drew talks about how Tiger may now be able to play better golf if all his other issues are off his mind. He goes on to say that it was a very good idea for Tiger to “disappear” for a while.


Ross Tucker from Sports Illustrated is on with Drew to talk about the NFL playoffs. He first talks about how he really believes that Ravens have a solid chance of beating the Colts this weekend. Tucker thinks that the key to the game will be the pressure the Raven defense can put on Peyton Manning. Drew mentions that if the Ravens can get off to another strong start, they have a chance to win. Tucker also speaks about the thrilling game between the Packers and Cardinals this past weekend. He explains that the way the Saints finished the season leaves them in a vulnerable position to lose to the Cardinals.


John from Canton calls in to talk some Ravens. He starts off by talking about Ed Reed’s tendency to lateral the ball. He states that all the other defensive players should not get in a position to receive a backwards pass.