Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/24/09)

November 24, 2009 |


Matt Spadafora, member of the UMBC basketball team is not on with Drew. He talks about how the team has had a rough start to the season. He next discusses how the team has tried to replace the stars it lost after last season. He also talks about the competition between the local basketball teams. Finally, he reveals he is from Philly. Drew lets Matt know that he does not allow many Philadelphians on the show.



Phil Stern, coach of the women’s basketball team at UMBC is the next guest. He talks about going up against Delaware and Elena Delle Donne. Delle Donne is one of the top players in the nation, and was the number 1 recruit in the nation.


8:49- writer Clark Judge is on to talk with Drew. He was in attendance for the Ravens-Colts game. He talks about the multitude of weapons the Colts have. He next moves on to the resurgence of the Titans. He does not think the Titans will be able to make the playoffs, but Vince Young’s play has given the team more hope for the future. On the a team with the opposite trend, Judge goes on the the Denver Broncos. He explains how the team is unable to make quick strikes on offense, and therefore are not able to make comebacks. Discussing the AFC playoff picture, Judge states that all the teams that are traditionally in the playoff hunt are there. One exception to that is the Jaguars. Judge does not trust the team, and does not believe they will be able to overcome their tough schedule.



Merton calls in to remind us all of the Colts’ victory over the Ravens. He does not blame Drew for not singing the Colts’ fight song because only a true, blue Colts fan should sing it. He also says that the Ravens will be looking for a new QB in a few years. He also finally apologizes to Bob in Parkville.


A caller continues to talk about the job status of Ralph Friedgen. Glenn mentions that he does not know of any boosters who have offered to contribute to the buyout of the coach.


Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times is on to talk about the Terps. He starts off by talking about the football team’s loss to Florida State. He explains that this was one of the few games this season where fans could truly say Maryland looked like the better team. This is a season where nothing has gone right. Stevens next addresses the rumors about the possible firing of Ralph Friedgen. Athletic Director Debbie Yow has stated that no decision will be made until after the final game. Stevens states that nothing would shock him at this point, including coaching-in-waiting James Franklin leaving the team as well.


Stevens now moves on to the basketball team. He talks about the improvement of Sean Mosley. The case can be made that Mosley has been the best player on the team so far this season. If Mosley continues his scoring, It will be a huge asset to the team. Stevens predicts that the could move farther in the NCAA tournament than many predicted.