Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/3/09)

November 03, 2009 |


Baltimore-native Antonio Freeman is next up. Freeman is a former Green Bay Packer and NFL Pro Bowler. He is promoting the 1st Annual Charm City Literacy Challenge Weekend. This event is a part of the BMore Free Program. The program focuses on giving back to children in the Baltimore area. For more information on this and other events please visit


Victor Rojas is next up with Drew to talk about the World Series. He starts off by talking about how Mark Teixeira has gotten a free pass so far. Teixeira has struggled mightily in the playoffs this season. He next talks about some of the questionable decisions Joe Girardi has made in the Series. He explains that Girardi has only been challenged now that the Yankees are in trouble. Girardi’s use of the bullpen last night in particular drew a lot of criticism. Rojas explains that the Yankees need to limit Chase Utley’s impact if they want to clinch the Series. Rojas finishes up by predicting the Series will go down to an exciting Game 7.



Vinnie Iyer from The Sporting News was in Baltimore for the Ravens-Broncos game on Sunday. He is now on with Drew to talk some football. He explains that the game said something about both teams. He states that the Ravens defense made a statement, while the Broncos offense showed its lack of big-play ability. He next talks about the cluster of teams in the AFC fighting for playoff spots. One of these teams is the Miami Dolphins. Iyer states that the Dolphins have a chance every week but do not have an explosive enough offense. The team has relied on special teams and the wildcat for big plays. Iyer next talks about the Houston Texans. Ryan Moats came through in a big way on Sunday. Iyer looks forward to the game against the Colts to see if the Texans are ready for a playoff push. The struggles of the New York Giants is the next topic. Iyer talks about how the weaknesses of the team have been exposed in recent weeks.



Drew talks about how he feels bad to see other organizations, such as Cleveland, have problems within the organization. This is because of the suffering Orioles fans have gone through due to the ownership. He states that the Browns’ hiring of Eric Mangini has set the team back for a few years. The team needs a general manager, a quarterback, and a coach.