Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/19/10)

January 19, 2010 |


Andy Glockner, Sports Illustrated bracketologist is the next guest. He starts off by discussing William & Mary who Glockner has as a 7 seed in his latest bracket. Glockner explains that the Tribe has already built a very strong resume. He next talks about the Terps. He states that Maryland is probably better than their resume at this point. He says that at this point they have nothing good to put on their profile. Maryland must compile quite a few quality wins to get back in the NCAA picture.


Rick is next up. Drew tells Rick that he must pick a station at some point. Rick makes it clear that he will choose WNST. He wants to talk about Martin Luther King Day yesterday. He calls it “wonderful” that we are able to celebrate.


Merton is next up. Drew mentions that Merton refrained from calling the week before the game in case his team lost. Merton wants to make sure that those in Baltimore know that the Colts will get revenge for Super Bowl III.


Ed in Park Heights calls in to talk about the Orioles increase in ticket prices. He and Drew discuss the responsibilities of an owner. He also talks about the Ravens briefly. He explains that he does not understand why so many are talking about Rex Ryan being a better coach than John Harbaugh. Harbaugh reached the AFC Championship in his first season as well.


Patrick Stevens joins Drew. He firmly believes that the Terps will walk over Longwood. He thinks it will be a big night for James Padgett. Gary Williams insists that Padgett will be an important part of the rotation despite his lack of play time this far. He thinks that it may make sense for Dino Gregory to lose a few minutes in favor of Padgett. Stevens next moves on to Jordan Williams. He compares Williams to Lonny Baxter. Stevens also discusses the CAA with Drew. At this point, it seems likely that two teams could get into the NCAA tournament.



Bob in Parkville calls in. He talks about the CBA talks going on in the NFL. He points out that the players are already getting 60% of every dollar. The players also do not need to worry about profit. Bob explains that he would lock the players out. He next moves on to the news that the Orioles will charge an extra fee for those who walk up to buy tickets for games. He rips this and many other decision my owner Peter Angelos.


Mike Gillian, head coach of the Longwood basketball team is on to talk with Drew. He discusses his team’s game against the Terps tonight. He talks about the importance of these games against big conference teams like Maryland. He also brings up the fact that his currently independent team belongs in the Big South conference.