Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/21/10)

January 21, 2010 |


Sean Salisbury is the next guest. Salisbury agrees with Drew that Harbaugh deserves a contract extenstion. Drew next tells Salisbury that he went 0-4 in picking games last weekend. Sailsbury talks about how badly the San Diego Chargers failed to live up to expectations. He states that although he knew the Jets would keep the game close, the final result shocked him. Salisbury next moves on to the topic of resting players at the end of the season. He would play his players all 16 games. If the team is good enough they will have a first round bye to rest.



Jerry in Timonium calls in to give his opinion on John Harbaugh’s contract. He does not think the team should give the coach a contract extension yet. He explains that the team has regressed this season and Harbaugh inherited a very talented team. Jerry is also not happy with the hiring of Greg Mattison as defensive coordinator.


Drew next takes his cheat shot. He calls out the lack of opinion in the local market. He explains that there are no longer articles in the paper that express an opinion. He would like to see articles that approved or disapproved of John Harbaugh after two seasons.


Phil Stern makes an appearance. Drew informs him that he and Glenn will not be attending the game today because a large number of middle schoolers will be there. This is because they’re heckling may not be appropriate.


Cheap Shots From the Bleachers is next up. Glenn kicks off the segment by taking a cheap shot at the Buffalo Bills hiring Chan Gailey as head coach. Glenn explains the problem is that the Bills are not allowed to talk to coaches who are still in the playoffs. He states that teams need a coach before the Senior Bowl. The NFL must change something so that teams can hire the best option as coach.


Jay in Riderwood also wants to discuss horse racing. He and Drew talk about the different possibilities for owners and locations.


Steve from Homeland calls in to talk about the money the Orioles have given Luke Scott. He explains that a number of power hitters who play below average defense can step into the lineup and put up Scott’s numbers.


Steve in Pimlico is the next caller. He states that a project in the state of Maryland has never been done right. Drew also comments on the fact that it is very difficult to reach the state’s leaders about the issue of horse racing.


Ed in Park Heights calls in and compliments the station on their music selection. He also wants to comment on the political impact on horse racing. He states that public leaders are too concerned with their own wants.


Ross Pospisil next joins us. Pospisil is a Navy linebacker who just finished his senior season. He is currently preparing for the NFL by participating in the East-West Shrine Game. Pospisil talks about how good the experience has been for him. He also talks about his decision to go to Navy. He explains that he did not plan on going to a service academy until late in high school. The Army-Navy game holds very special significance for those who have ever played in it Pospisil explains.


Bill Herrion, coach of the New Hampshire Wildcats joins Drew this morning. His team will face off against UMBC tonight. He talks about his team’s struggles away from home. He points out that when the Wildcats are the home team they are 6-1. He also mentions the strong defense the team plays. Despite this fact, New Hampshire has posted a modest record of 6-10 this season.