Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/15/09)

December 15, 2009 |


Joe Sheehan, of Baseball Prospectus, is next up with Drew. He starts off by talking about the large number of moves the Seattle Mariners have made this offseason. The additions of Cliff Lee and Chone Figgins alone have made the team significantly better. Sheehan calls the M’s the new favorite in their division. He next talks about Roy Halladay’s extension with the Phillies. Halladay is signing for a fraction of what other top tier pitchers have gotten.


Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times is on to chat with Drew. He first talks about the return of Dino Gregory to the Terps. He mentions the fact that Jordan Williams saw decreased playing time, despite his strong start to the season. James Padgett, the other freshman big man did not play at all. Stevens states that at this point, Williams is ahead of Padgett. Stevens next talks about Greivis Vasquez. He explains that Maryland fans must live with some emotion from Vasquez.


Drew brings up a story because of the interview with Tim Donaghy. He tells of a time when an umpire told him before and Orioles game that he was not going to give Mike Mussina any calls that night. The O’s lost the game.


Another caller disagrees with the idea below. He also states that the day Governor Ehrlich was not re-elected was the day horse racing in Maryland died.



A caller continues the discussion we have had this morning on the topic of horse racing in Maryland. He brings up the idea of using state money to help with maintaining race tracks.


We are joined by Tim Donaghy this morning. You can find some information about his book, here. He talks about how he would choose on a game to bet. He would particularly look at the relationships between referees asigned to games and players in the game. Donaghy also talks about how in the future he would like to make speeches on college campuses. He next moves on to the fact that he graded out as one of the best referees in the league. He states that he could have had a fine career without any of the scandal he caused. He also talks about his experience in jail. He explains that the time is troublesome for anyone, but particularly for someone who passed information to the government.