Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/16/09)

December 16, 2009 |


Glenn mentions that the Ravens tried out two wide receivers. He clarifies that does not indicate that this means Mark Clayton will be out for an extended period of time. Instead, the Ravens are looking to fill the open spot on their practice squad.


Ed Frankovic comes on to talk some Capitals hockey. The team defeated Colorado last night. Ed talks about how different players have stepped up in Alex Ovechkin’s absence. Now that the star has returned, the team has even more balance.



Ross Tucker, of Sports Illustrated, is now on to chat with Drew. Drew begins by asking him about Ndamukong Suh. Tucker calls Suh the best defensive line prospect in recent years. Moving on, Tucker talks about how despite the Lion’s pitiful performance against Ravens the team is on the right track. Sticking with the Ravens, Tucker states that the Ravens must come to play in order to beat the Bears this weekend. However, as long as the Ravens continue to feed Ray Rice and Joe Flacco does not turn the ball over they should be able to pick up the victory. Tucker next talks about the fall of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He explains how difficult it is for a team to repeat as Super Bowl champs. He discusses how last season Ben Roethlisberger covered up many of the teams flaws with his play-making ability. This year. Big Ben is getting tackled more easily. Finally, Tucker speaks on the Redskins. He has been impressed with the team’s defense, and the offense has looked much better in recent weeks.

big ben

8:50- writer Rex Hoggard is the next guest. Drew asks him if Tiger Wood’s current whereabouts are known. Hoggard states that he belives Tiger is still in Orlando, at one of his homes. He also explains that he does not think that many people were aware of Tiger’s affairs before the news broke. As far as sponsors go, Hoggard says that Tiger will do whatever possible to keep AT&T. On the topic of Tiger’s return, Hoggard states that Tiger will most likely not sit out all of the majors this season. Finally, Drew jokes that he hopes Rex’s name never appears on the list of mistresses.



Ed from Park Heights points out flaws in both Cordish and De Francis’ plans. He blames De Francis for some of horse racing’s problems today. He states that Cordish is too focused on business. Ed also talks about how the politicians in the state have severely damaged racing. He mentions how the original reason for slots was to save horse racing.


David Cordish, of The Cordish Cos. is on to talk about the bidding for Pimlico. He would like to respond to Joe De Francis, who made an appearance yesterday. On the topic of slots, Cordish explains that a very thorough process must be followed. The slots at Arundel Mills would be a building separate from the mall. Cordish goes on to explain how the slots will help provide revenue for the Maryland race tracks. Slots at Arundel Mills would maximize revenue for horse racing. After a short break, Cordish discusses how his company is focused on horse racing, not just development. He talks about how he will be able to effectively promote racing events. He states that he would allow people to bring alcoholic beverages to the infield if he was able to acquire Pimlico.



Pat Kennedy, head coach of Towson University’s basketball team joins Drew. He starts off by talking about how coaches must be careful how they schedule practices around exams and the holidays. He next discusses his team’s loss to George Washington. Despite this setback, Kennedy believes that the Tigers are far ahead of where they were at this point last year. Next Kennedy explains that once conference play starts, fewer players will get significant playing time. Finally, Kennedy calls Calvin Lee his team’s answer to the other start players around the conference.