Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/17/09)

December 17, 2009 |


Sean Salisbury now makes his weekly appearance. Salisbury begins by talking about his former team the Cowboys. He thinks his preseason prediction of 9-7 may end up being accurate. He bemoans the team’s annual December swoon. He states that we might as well face the fact that the team does not perform late in the season. He also says that he believes that if Dallas does not make the playoffs, Wade Phillips will no longer be head coach. Salisbury next talks about one of the more confusing teams in the NFL, the Denver Broncos. It appears as though the Broncos will be able to sneak into a wild card spot. Salisbury has been impressed with how the team has rebounded after their losing streak. He calls them a team that could be very dangerous in the playoffs if they get hot. Sean next compares Tiger Woods’ situation to his own confrontation with Deadspin.


Glenn and Drew discuss the Orioles for a few minutes. The team signed two players last night. Mike Gonzalez is a lefty reliever and Garrett Atkins is a 3rd baseman. There are also rumors floating around about the Orioles’ interest in free agent outfielder Matt Holliday.



Dan from Fallston calls in with some questions about the horse racing issue. He talks about how the politicians in the state have cost the people. By delaying slots, blame has been shifted to the sport of horse racing for the lack of revenue generated.


Mike Gathagan from the Maryland Jockey Club is next up. He is on to continue to talk about the hot topic of horse racing in Maryland. He talks about how Maryland has tried to continue to compete with neighboring states that allow slots. He also states that if slots are put at Arundel Mills, Laurel Park will be hard pressed to remain open. Moving on to the horse racing schedule, Gathagan explains that the next meet will start On January 1st. He also states that it is in his best interest for the slots bill in Anne Arundel County to not pass.


Ed Joyner, coach of the Hampton basketball team is now on with Drew. The Pirates will face Towson in a couple days. He talks about his team’s poor record at the start of the season. Hampton has lost many close games early in the year. Joyner emphasizes the importance of improving before the MEAC schedule starts. He next talks about how he and the team have attempted to deal with the tragic loss of one of their players before the season.



Brian Billick is next up. He states he is excited to be calling the Ravens-Bears game this weekend. He also says that he thinks the Ravens have a great shot at the playoffs. Brian next discusses the possibility of the Steelers giving up on the season before their game against the Ravens. Drew quickly mentions the breaking news that Vinny Cerrato has resigned from the Redskins. Brian talks about now that the general manager is gone speculation about Jim Zorn’s job will increase. Drew asks Brian what he would do if he was the coach of an undefeated team. Brian explains that he would do whatever maximizes the team’s chances of going to the Super Bowl. This could vary from team to team. On the other hand, some fans clamor for teams to purposefully lose games at the end of the season when eliminated from the playoffs. Brian emphatically states that in all his years of coaching no one has ever suggested that a team not give 100%.



Merton from Indianapolis joins Drew before the Colts play tonight. He reminds us all that the Colts-Jaguars game tonight has a large impact on the Ravens’ playoff chances.



Drew follows that up with a shot at the people who complain when horse racing is discussed on the air. He explains that he has received many e-mails asking why he is talking about racing. Drew makes it clear that he cares about horse racing in Maryland. Without racing in the state many jobs and a great deal of revenue will be lost. He states that you must be “smarter” than to say that no one cares about horse racing in Maryland.


Glenn kicks off “Cheap Shots From the Bleachers” by calling out Time magazine for not putting Chesley Sullenberger on its list of possible Men of the Year. Sullenberger was responsible for the moment of the year when he landed a plane in the Hudson River and saved 150 lives.