Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/18/09)

December 18, 2009 |


Drew and Glenn do a very quick Picks and Comment segment. To check out all the picks make sure you go to the Audio Vault.

Ravens Picks:

Glenn- Ravens 27 Bears 17

Drew- Ravens 30 Bears 16


Andy Behrens, of Yahoo! Sports is on to help Drew out with his fantasy football playoff game. He tells Drew to stick with Larry Fitzgerald despite the minor injury concerns.


Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago joins Drew to talk about this weekend’s Ravens-Bears matchup. He talks about how the Bears will continue to compete despite their season being essentially over. He next moves on to how the Bears will improve in the offseason. The Bears do not have a first round pick this year due to the Jay Cutler trade. Speaking of Cutler, Dickerson makes it clear that the quarterback must improve in order for the team to be competitive next season.


Tom Chuckas of the Maryland Jockey Club is the next guest. He discusses the upcoming vote on slots in Anne Arundel County with Drew. He talks about how he must make horse racing a viable option along with slot machines. Drew brings up that it is impossible to determine exactly how many people’s lives will be affected if horse racing continues to decline in Maryland. Chuckas calls it a situation where no on will notice the problem until it is gone. He is unable to pinpoint a single event that badly hurt horse racing. Instead, it was a longer process.


Randy Monroe comes on with Drew as he does each and every week. His UMBC Retrievers are still looking for their first win of the season. He talks about the difficulty of handling the players who may lose focus during the holiday season. Monroe next mentions how his team is returning some players from injury and hopefully will be able to turn the team around.



Mike Florio from now joins Drew. He begins by talking about the tragic death of Chris Henry. He says that the focus must now be placed on his children. He states that it should be made clear that Henry had turned his life around before his death. Florio next moves on to the quick turnover of the Redskins’ GM position. The team clearly had a new plan in place even before the spot was vacant.


Merton makes an appearance following the Colts win over the Jaguars last night. He talks about how he almost wishes the Colts would have put in their 3rd stringers and lost. He explains that he can now look forward to the Colts defeating the Ravens in the playoffs.


Mark, a first time caller chimes in. He talks about how is a former-season ticket holder. He compares the Orioles’ situation to that of the Phillies. A few years ago the Phillies made the decision to really try and compete. The results have been very successful. Mark points out how the team can go sign some free agents or even trade for a big bat, like Adrian Gonzalez.



Rob calls in to further the discussion about the Orioles. There has been a debate about whether the Orioles have a chance to compete against the Yankees and Red Sox in the American League East. Drew explains that by spending more money and even up the payrolls it will be much closer to competing. The O’s just must be willing to shell out the money for big time players.