Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/3/09)

December 03, 2009 |


Drew describes his confrontation with Steve Melewski last night. The two talked about Drew’s previous “Cheap Shot” at Melewski. Melewski told Drew to not come back when the Orioles are good again.


A caller brings up the possibility of Tiger’s wife going to jail, if the truth involves her assaulting Tiger. This causes Drew to talk about the double standard involving domestic violence. When a man beats his wife it is a disgrace, while when a woman beats her husband it is often considered funny. The same caller also discusses the issue of rowdy fans. Drew reminds him that the athletic department must not offend the students while telling them to simmer down a bit.


Gary Van Sickle from Sports Illustrated is the next guest. He is also on to talk about the Tiger controversy. He thinks everything will become even more interesting when more women come out about past affairs. He states that we have crossed the line from news to gossip. He next talks about The Golf Book which was written by the editors of Sports Illustrated. Van Sickle made contributions to the book. He calls it a perfect gift for Golf fans this holiday season. It will contain multiple never before seen photos. On the topic of what is next for Tiger, Van Sickle believes that in reality Tiger can still do whatever he pleases.



Phil Mushnick of the New York Post is now on with Drew to talk about his article about Tiger Woods. Mushnick’s point is that Woods has been given special privileges since the start of his career. He believes that nothing will change regarding Tiger’s golf game or the treatment his fellow golfers give him.



Old Man Mattison calls in to talk about his defense. Drew asks him if he is proud of how well his defense is doing. Old Man Mattison explains that he HAS been told that his group has been playing well. He also lets everyone know that Bart Starr has never seen the “dipsy doodle” before.


Nestor calls in to talk with Drew. He continues on the topic of college fans. He explains that the schools must do more to not allow intoxicated students into sporting events.


Another caller who was at the Towson game last night talks with Drew. He discusses the behavior of fans at the game. He explains that he has not seen something like that at the Towson Center before. He also talks about the prospects of Towson’s season.


A caller chimes in on Drew’s earlier cheap shot. He wants to put more blame on the high members of the athletic department.


Brian Billick now makes his weekly appearance. He will at the Detroit-Cincinnati game this weekend. He starts off by talking about the New Orleans Saints. Instead of talking about the high-powered offense, he focus on the defense, that he calls very physical. Brian now moves on to the job openings that will inevitably open around the NFL. He does not believe that as many coaches will lose their jobs as last season.



Drew is now taking his “Cheap Shot from the Bleachers.” He talks about the unacceptable behavior of fans at college basketball games. He also places blame on the administration for not addressing the issue either. He explains that fans are sometimes uncontrollable. He asks what is wrong with people who make the games a bad experience for everyone else in attendance.



John Feinstein joins Drew this morning. He talks about this weekend’s BB&T Classic Basketball Tournament. He is a major contributor for the event that raises for the Children’s Charities Foundation. Feinstein also discusses other newsworthy events in sports, including the Tiger Woods situation.