Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/8/09)

December 08, 2009 |


Tennis Hall of Famer Pam Shriver now joins Drew. She talks about the big upcoming stars for her upcoming charity tennis tournament, The Baltimore Tennis Challenge. Drew and Glenn agree that this is one event that everyone in Baltimore must attend at least once.



Lou in Phoenix brings up the fact that the Ravens called a timeout on defense only two minutes into the game. He questions how this can happen when the team has prepared for an offense all weekend.


Drew discusses with another caller the unprofessional aspects of last night’s game. The huge amount of penalties combined with the questionable coaching decisions made the game very difficult to watch.


Merton from Indianapolisnow calls in. He asks if we heard the nation laughing at the “Ratbirds.” Of course he can’t make appearance without singing for us first.


(my interpretation of Merton)


A caller questions whether the Ravens should simplify the offense for Joe Flacco. Last season, Flaccowas very effective at running the scaled-back offense. This season he has struggled to take more control over the unit. Drew states that the lack of a running game is the biggest factor in Flacco’s decline. Ray Rice is the only threat running the ball on the team right now, and opposing teams know this.


Another caller brings up how the game was lost in the trenches last nights. The line play on both sides of the ball was very poor. Joe Flacco was not given enough time to let plays develop and the defensive line did not get enough pressure on Aaron Rodgers.


A bunch of callers are bringing up the poor coaching at the game last night. Drew feels the worst was the Ravens’ lack of urgency in the final two minutes of the game. The team seemed to give up on the game.