Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/28/10)

January 28, 2010 |


Russ Lande of The Sporting News is now on. He is currently covering the Seniors Bowl. He states that this will be a strong draft for overall talent. Lande names Jeff Owens and Geno Atkins from Georgia as two players who have dominated this week  and have greatly improved their draft stock. He also calls Tim Tebow’s performance thus far “uneven.” He has shown he has a strong arm and can be an accurate passer. He also displays strength and confidence in the pocket. Drew asks Lande about a possible 1st round wide receiver for the Ravens to take. Demaryius Thomas from Georgia Tech is a tall receiver that could be available at number 25.


8:50- college basketball writer Gary Parrish comes on next. He believes that despite the inability for any team to stay at #1, Kansas, Kentucky, and Texas are the 3 top teams. On the topic of Villanova, Parrish believes that Nova’s lack of NBA talent may hurt them. He names UCLA and UNC as the most disappointing teams in the nation this season. Both these teams have multiple highly-touted recruits, but have not had success. Moving on to Maryland, Parrish explains that Maryland is in the crowded tier below Duke. He can see the Terps finishing anwhere from second to sixth and will make the NCAA tournament.



Jerry in Timonium is the next caller. He does not believe that the Super Bowl is not a good forum to put an advertisement like the Tim Tebow one. He states that by airing the commercial, CBS is asking for criticism from both sides.


Steve in Homeland calls in. He states that he does not like when athletes are put on a pedestal. He thinks that Tim Tebow has been given a bit too much publicity. Now Tebow will be facing much more scrutiny as he marches towards the NFL.


There is lots of discussion on Drew’s blog about the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial.


Pat Healy of the Baltimore Blast joins Drew. Healy explains how he is now playing for Crystal Palace Baltimore as well. Crystal Palace has recently joined a new league. He next talks about his role on the team. He plays in the midfield and has responsibilities on both offense and defense.