Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (2/2/10)

February 02, 2010 |


Glenn gives us some updates this morning. Kevin Millar has signed a minor league deal with the Cubs. The Blind Side was nominated for Best Picture. It is Groundhog Day and we are set for some more weeks of winter.


Dan from Fallston is the next caller. He asks Dan about the role of an agent in a players life. Dan explains that the agents main role is to negotiate a contract. Anything else the agent does, is simply a bonus.


The ethical governor asks Dan about some of the influences in his life. Dan cites one of his college coaches for instilling discipline in him. Despite the fact that Dan disliked his life at his time it clearly made a difference later on.


Drew talks with Dan about the issue of concussions in football. He also welcomes in Conrad Dobler. Dobler is a former NFL player who has suffered from football-related injuries. He has not received no assistance from the league financially. Dobler states that in order to have avoided some of his more serious injuries he should not have played the last four years of his career. He also explains how he has been denied for disability seven times. The standard for getting disability from the league is much too high.



Edwin in Glen Burnie now calls in. Edwin tells Wilcox that in his game of Madden Wilcox returns to star for the Ravens.



Former Raven Dan Wilcox is on with Drew down in Florida. The two discuss the negotiations between the owners and the players. Wilcox explains some of the concerns of the players.