Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (2/4/10)

February 04, 2010 |


Warren Sapp is next up. He talks with the guys about his possible entrance into the Hall of Fame. Drew explains that he thinks Sapp is a slam dunk for the hall. Sapp next talks about the first time he met Ray Lewis. Lewis stepped into Miami’s lineup at age 17 due to injury to a starting linebacker. Sapp watched Lewis mature into the player he is. Sapp next talks about how the Colts’ management ruined the chance for a perfect season for both the fans and the players.



Tim Brando is next up with Drew. He mentions his travel plans that could be affected by the impending snowstorm. He starts off by discussing Tony Bennett’s impact at Virginia. Bennett has been a breath of fresh air at UVA. He goes on to call Maryland and under-exposed team. He states that Maryland does not have many household names and could surprise many people later in the season. Before leaving, Brando predicts the Saints will win the Super Bowl.



Drew now welcomes in Merton. Merton reminds everyone that Indy has taken the Colts and turned them into a winner. Drew asks if they could take the Orioles away as well. Nestor tells Merton that he will be wearing a Saints championship shirt at the scouting combine.


Nestor and the rest of the crew down in Florida discuss the average commenter on blogs. Most of them seem to be negative everyone agrees.