Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/9/09)

November 10, 2009 |


ESPN color analyst, Len Elmore is the next guest. Elmore is a former Terp and starts off by talking about the team. He states that Greivis Vasquez must lead the team this year. He explains now that Vasquez no longer needs to worry about whether or not he will leave school he can better focus on his legacy at Maryland. Also make sure you check out this awesome article about Vasquez. Elmore calls Virginia Tech a team to watch in the ACC. He then moves on to the recruiting disparity between teams like Virginia Tech and teams like Duke and North Carolina. Some teams must rely on coaching to compete with others that are able to bring in higher rated recruits.



Stern starts off by talking about the expectations placed on his team this season. The team was picked to finish 6th in the conference this year. You can check out a more information on the upcoming season here. He also talks about the mens’ team at UMBC. Here is a preview for them. The team must deal with the loss of Jay Greene and Darryl Proctor.


Phil Stern coach of the UMBC Womens’ Basketball team is in studio to talk some college basketball.


Lomas Brown, a football analyst for ESPN, is on to talk with Drew. He starts off by talking about the regression of his former team, the Lions. The team’s loss to the Seahawks especially hurt, because the team had a chance for a big road win. He next talks about how the Chargers appear to be poised to make a run in the AFC West once again. He calls this the Charger’s “time of the year.” He also talks about the release of Larry Johnson. He states that the Chiefs wanted to rid the their young team of any distraction. Drew brings up his pick of the Packers going to the Super Bowl. By going to Tampa and losing, Brown does not think the team could mentally recover from their emotional loss to the Vikings.



There is some backlash from a couple callers about Merton (including a highly questionable comment about the legality of incest). One caller states that he has already given up on the Raven’s season. He does not see the team winning more than 10 games and thinks the team has less than a 20% chance of making the playoffs.


Merton calls in for the second consecutive day. He tells Drew that maybe if the Ravens put a statue of Robert Irsay in front of M&T Bank Stadium they’re season will turn around. He also treats us with a song before he is cut off.