Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/18/09)

November 18, 2009 |


A caller questions Drew about the relationship between a coach and the general manager. The GM always has the final say because of the financial situation. However, good front offices work together with the coaching staff to assemble the best team.


Matt Bradley of the Washington Capitals is now on with Drew. He scored the game-winning goal to beat the New York Rangers last night. He talks about how the team played strong with out their star Alex Ovechkin. He next speaks about the goaltending situation. He explains that it is beneficial to have two capable goalies. He moves on to the effectiveness of the team’s power play at this point. He states that the team is not trying to be too fancy right now and it is working.



Steve Lappas from CBS College Sports is the next guest. He is a former head coach for multiple Division I basketball teams. He starts off by talking about big-time teams visiting smaller schools. Yesterday, the Clemson Tigers played at Liberty. He calls playing at home the biggest advantage in college basketball. (I guess it didn’t help the Flames much). Lappas next talks about the outlook for Maryland’s season. He calls Greivis Vasquez a great all-around player.


A caller agrees with Drew’s blog this morningand goes even further to say that Matt Stover should receive a standing ovation.


Ross Tucker is now on with Drew to talk some football. He starts with his thoughts on the Larry Johnson signing. He states that he does not think that Johnson will be in a fourth-string role like Marvin Lewis says. Tucker explains that the Super Bowl teams rarely turn out the way it appears during the season. Therefore, he does not believe the Colts and the Saints will meet in the playoffs. He next explains Bill Belichick’s reasoning for his decision to go for it on 4th down. He talks about the statistics that back up Belichick’s choice.



The head coach of Towson’s final opponent, James Madison, Mickey Matthews is next up. He starts off by describing how his team has started to come together late in the season. The team faced one of the toughest schedules in the nation this year, and the team has improved noticeably because of it. Matthews hopes the Dukes will carry this momentum into next season. He next talks about how Rob Ambrose has helped change the philosophy of the Towson football program. He calls them a very capable team.



Rob Ambrose joins us this morning to talk about the Tigers before the end of their season. He brings up how his team has never given up. Despite the team’s struggles this season, the players love the team and the school. Regardless of the opponent, the Tigers fight each and every week. He next talks about the importance of having a good quarterback in order to make the next step to the FCS playoffs.