Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (9/18/09)

September 18, 2009 |

Make sure you tune in again on Monday morning to hear Tommy Polley break down the Ravens.


Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Expert Andy Behrens is next up. Behrens states that Jake Delhomme could be one bad series away from losing his starting position. Behrens names Ronnie Brown as a good play against the Colts this weekend. He also explains that Jay Cutler could continue to struggle against a tough Pittsburgh defense. He advises that fantasy players should stay away from Saints and Chargers running backs this week. Finally, he says if Carnell Williams is still available in your league pick him up ASAP.  


Jack Cronin from XX Sports Radio in San Diego is now on the show. He states that the team will be able to sell out the remaining tickets to Sunday’s game by the deadline this afternoon to avoid a possible blackout. Cronin continues talking about the Ravens’ upcoming game with the Chargers. He talks about how important this early season contest will be to both teams. Regarding LaDanian Tomlinson, he believes the back will dress but be very limited or not play at all.


Former Ravens coach Brian Billick calls in from the West Coast. Brian defends the way the Ravens traveled to the West Coast while he was coach. He explains that while visiting West Coast teams, the team had a bed check at 9:00. He describes the way that he would treat the players like men if they acted like men. He moves on to how the league schedules cross-country trips. He tells of how the league will often accomodate teams if they have two games on the other side of the country. Teams will stay away from home to avoid travel in many situations.    


Mike Florio of is the next guest. Florio starts off by talking about the Michael Crabtree situation. He sees a possible resolution in one way or another in the near future. The Raider’s drafting of Darrius Heyward-Bey is brought up as one of the reasons Crabtree has yet to sign. Crabtree wants the to be the highest paid wide receiver from the draft even though Heyward-Bey was chosen before him and was seemingly overpaid. Mike agrees with Drew that Crabtree will more than likely not be drafted as high if he re-enters in 2010. Mike next discusses Terrell Owens. He believes that Owens’ publicity may turn from positive to negative if the team continues to lose. Owens has already created some controversy over his comments about QB Trent Edwards. Florio states that the NFL is pleased with new technology such as twitter (check out WNST) and Facebook, since it allows players to be more accessible, but it may become a problem for teams soon.   


Kevin Kugler, a play-by-play announcer for Westwood One, is next up. He will be calling the Ravens-Chargers game on Sunday. He believes that both teams have enough talent for this game to be a playoff preview. He questions whether or not Darren Sproles will be able to be a feature back for the Chargers while still excelling on special teams. He goes on to state that if the Ravens can continue to post gaudy offensive numbers they will be a very dangerous team in the AFC. As for the NFC, Kugler sees the Vikings, with their multiple weapons on both sides of the ball, as one of the top teams.  


CAA commissioner Tom Yeager makes an appearance on the show. Yeager starts by talking about the rapid rise of the football teams in the conference. He believes that the teams in his conference are able to match up with teams from the FBS. He next discusses the parity of the league. Many of the teams in the CAA have enjoyed success recently.   


The old question of whether the best college team could beat the worst NFL team arises. Drew and Glenn agree that if the teams play 100 times (see video below) Florida may be able to beat the Lions a few times.


Glenn and Drew make their NFL picks for the week in the “Picks and Comment” segment. A lot of disagreement here. Glenn predicts a 23-20 Chargers victory, while Drew has the Ravens pulling out a 23-17 win in California.