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September 17, 2009 |


Dawan Landry comes on the show early this morning. He talks about the differences in preparation for a game that will be played across the country. He then moves on to the difficulty of watching from the sidelines last season for him. He explains how grateful he is each day to be back and able to play football again.


A caller points out that the Raven’s core of wide receivers have not shown the ability to stay healthy through the season. The addition of recently released free agent Hank Baskett could provide insurance for the group. Drew agrees, but argues that the addition of another reciever similar in talent to Mark Clayton, Kelley Washington, and Demetrius Williams could cause some strife during the season. The discussion moves on to the differences between the coaching philosophies of John Harbaugh and Brian Billick and how each style can fit with different teams.


The topic of the Orioles attendance arises. Drew explains the importance of marketing when a team is competing for fans with another team. The poor marketing of the team along with the state of the economy are two reasons for the decrease in attendence this season. Thus far this season, the total attendence is 1,742,940. Last season, the team brought in 1,950,075 fans.


Glenn comes on with a quick Ravens report. He talks about the importance of San Diego’s Darren Sproles and LaDanian Tomlinson. He compares to Sproles to the Ravens own Ray Rice. These two players represent the trend towards using small, quick running backs in the NFL. Injuries include Ed Reed, who was limited yesterday in practice, and Terrell Suggs, who did not participate. Both players were listed as having concussions. Tom Zbikowski also sat out practice due to a concussion. LJ Smith returned to practice and aims to play soon.


Ross Tucker, an SI writer, Sirius NFL Radio Analyst and co-founder of recruiting site appears on the show. He starts by talking about how many fans will overreact to results in Week 1. He goes on to say that San Diego is the slight favorite heading into the weekend. Drew cuts in with the Breaking News that Hank Baskett will sign with the Colts. Tucker next speaks about the importance of the Ravens new-found ability to throw the ball. He then moves on to two struggling teams in the NFL: the Browns and the Panthers. He believes that the Browns currently have no direction and Mangini’s defense has been disapointing. As for the Panthers, Tucker states that the team has too much talent to not improve, but Jake Delhomme’s recent struggles are disturbing. Finally, Tucker describes how Adrian Peterson has the talent and running ability to be the best ever. At this point that statement is hard to argue with.


A caller brings up Maryland Football’s recent woes. Much of the blame is placed on recruiting. Another caller also speaks on the topic of recruiting. He points out that at the time fans would have been furious if Ralph Friedgen had taken lightly-recruited Steve Slaton over the State of Maryland’s top rusher, Morgan Green.


Former NFL star Junior Seau is the next to appear on the show. Seau first talks to Drew about Seau’s former team, the Chargers. Both agree that although the Chargers struggled in Oakland this past weekend, any win on the road is valuable. Seau next describes the style of Bill Bilichick and the ability of Tom Brady. These factors combined to make it easy to play defense for the Patriots. Seau believes that there is pressure on the Chargers to soon reach the Superbowl. Seau then explains the promotion he is involved with. The Tackles Life Contest, sponsored by Combos, gives $5000 to contestants who submit a project idea deemed worthy. More information is available on Seau finishes by naming Barry Sanders the hardest running back to face as a tackler.


NFL insider Sean Salisbury is next up on the show. Make sure you check out Sean on twitter and add him as a friend on Facebook. The biggest surprise to Sean in Week 1 was the poor play of Houston. Another shock was the Cardinals loss to the 49ers. He stresses the point that good teams always find a way to win games. Two prime examples were the games on Monday. On the topic of the AFC North, Sean explains that he thinks the Bengals are an overrated team and he does not understand the hype the team is getting this season. He also believes that Troy Polamalu’s injury may cost the Steelers a win or two. Sean finishes up by predicting the Giants will surprise many who think that the Eagles will run away with the division


Nick Price, a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame is the next guest. Price discusses the Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship. The tournament  takes place at the Baltimore County East East Course located in Timonium, MD. Drew remembers Price’s eagle on the 17th at the British Open. Price explains how the only way the moment could have been more perfect was if it took place on the 18th hole. He then talks about Tiger Woods. He states that many golfers never imagined that a player of Tiger’s ability would come around in their lifetime. He finally describes the way he watched Tiger mature while the two were on tour together.

Make sure to tune into the Comcast Morning Show tomorrow to hear CAA commissioner Tom Yeager and Mike Florio from Westwood One PBP voive Kevin Kugler will preview Ravens-Chargers. Yahoo Sport Fantasy Expert Andy Behrens and Brian Billick will also be on the show.