Comcast Morning Show Odds to Win Tonight’s KOBST Finale

May 27, 2009 | Glenn Clark

Tom Clayton: Drew 10-1, Glenn 20-1


Thoughts: Stay sober tonight Tom. 1-2 Coors Lights are okay, but let’s try to avoid kissing anyone….

Christopher Stoner: Drew 10-1, Glenn 18-1


Thoughts: Anyone can write a lot of blogs and cite statistics. Not everyone has the personality to engage an entire city. An acerbic personality probably doesn’t.

Jerry Reinhardt: Drew 10-1, Glenn 15-1


Thoughts: It is good to be a solid contributor, but sometimes it is more important to try to stand out a bit. Most Kings stand out more than just a bit.

Lawson Lambert: Drew 10-1, Glenn 10-1


Thoughts: The more we see/hear from you Lawson, the more we’ve liked you. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out a bit more.

Marco Romanell: Drew 8-1, Glenn 8-1


Thoughts: Maybe the dark horse of the entire contest; Marco has been pretty solid the entire time. Stay confident.

Luke Jones: Drew 6-1, Glenn 6-1


Thoughts: Luke’s work has been so impressive that’s gotten the front-page treatment a few times in the past week. Luke now has to overcome the disadvantage he faces of not being a traditional broadcaster. Tonight will be a major opportunity to try to steal the title.

Todd Salkowski: Drew 4-1, Glenn 4-1


Thoughts: Las Vegas would give us no choice but to install Todd as the favorite. He has the background, he has the pedigree, and he has the knowledge. But just having a background doesn’t necessarily make someone a champion….