Comcast Morning Show Top 5’s

August 28, 2009 | Glenn Clark

Tuesday morning Drew Forrester and I faced a daunting task. With the recent studio upgrade (kudos to Paul Kopelke, Nestor & Jen Aparicio, The Koko Brothers, etc!), we had 4 hours of radio to do at 6 in the morning and no available phone lines. Making things more difficult, Drew was battling a particularly nasty summer cold.

At about 6:10am, Drew made a proclamation that we were going to put together 24 “Top 5” lists, similar to our former “Wednesday Top 5” format. The 24 reflected the number of points the Ravens had scored in their win over the Jets.

We didn’t make it to 24. Not even close, really. But we did do a number of Top 5 lists that morning; and I thought I’d take the time to share them with you……

Top 5 Movie Comedies:

5. White Men Can’t Jump
4. Birdcage
3. Big Lebowski
2. Wedding Crashers (video NSFW. Unless you work in your underwear. Sinner.)

1. Caddyshack

5. Anchorman
4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
3. Big Lebowski
2. Princess Bride
1. Tommy Boy

Top 5 Worst Ravens:
(Please spare me. This is a fun list. Do not get angry about any of these guys. In fact, I really love some of the guys on the lists.)

5. Kyle Boller

4. Travis Taylor
3. Patrick Johnson
2. Daren Stone
1. Elvis Grbac

5. Kyle Boller
4. Frank Sanders
3. Ron Johnson
2. Scott Mitchell


1. Alvin Porter

Top 5 Current College Basketball Coaches:

5. Roy Williams
4. Billy Donovan
3. Jim Boeheim
2. Tom Izzo
1. Coach K


5. Tom Izzo
4. Gary Williams


3. Mark Few
2. Jim Boeheim
1. Coach K

Top 5 Radio Personalities

5. Fran Lane
4. Tony Kornheiser
3. Bob Haynie


2. Don & Mike
1. Dr. Drew & Adam Carolla

5. Charley Eckman
4. Chris “Mad Dog” Russo

3. Jim Rome
2. Howard Stern
1. Greaseman

Top 5 American Sports Venues

5. Homewood Field


4. Cameron Indoor Stadium
3. Indianapolis Motor Speedway
2. Lambeau Field
1. US Tennis Center-Flushing Meadows

5. Madison Square Garden
4. US Tennis Center
3. Joe Louis Arena
2. Augusta National


1. Fenway Park

Top 5 Changes You’d Make To Sports

5. New arena opens in Baltimore TOMORROW with a new Arena Football League team; both owned by Steve Bisciotti
4. Dana White take over boxing


3. Push back start of NBA season
2. College football playoff system
1. New Orioles owner

5. Coin flip in OT in NFL gone


4. MLB season 120 games
3. 5 point shot in basketball, raise the rim
2. PGA Tour event where players put up OWN $2 million
1. Open sports betting

Top 5 Play by Play Voices

5. Lamont Germany
4. Johnny Holliday
3. Chuck Thompson

2. Vin Scully
1. Jack Buck

5. Jim Nantz doing football
4. Jim Nantz doing college basketball
3. Jim Nantz doing tennis
2. Jim Nantz doing the Olympics
1. Jim Nantz doing golf