Comcast Morning Show Tuesday Top 7: Things NHHS Could Do To Raise Money Without The Steelers

March 31, 2010 | Glenn Clark

If you want to hear our ideas in more detail; head on over to the Audio Vault right here at, where we explain what we’re thinking.

Here are Drew Forrester’s very solid suggestions…

7. Sell Amway


6. Selling Naming Rights to Football Stadium

capital one field

5. Hole-in-One Tournament at Mountain Branch


4. Auction Off a Chance to be a “Raven For a Day”…sorta like LJ Smith


3. “Milf Money”…Sell Book Covers with the most attractive parents pictured

2. Get everyone in school to change to same wireless phone provider


1. Put the Football Coach in a Dunking Booth with his Steelers jersey on


Unlike most weeks, it was Glenn Clark who went in a different direction this week…

7. Replace “Bring Your Tractor to School Day” with “Dress Like a Hogette Day”, and invite Russ Grimm, Joe Jacoby etc. to come judge and sign autographs


6. An XBox Tournament hosted by the great Sheila Dixon


5. Sister Sledge plays next year’s Sadie Hawkins Dance

4. Host Mayflower Van races against former Indianapolis Mayor Bill Hudnut in front of the school


3. Host an elegant banquet honoring Peter Angelos as “Marylander of the Decade”


2. A Screening of the Legendary Maryland/Duke “Gone in 54 Seconds” game with a JJ Redick 3 point shootout at halftime

1. Collect sponsors for a Major Re-Naming ceremony-where “Pylesville Road” becomes “Jeffrey Maier Boulevard”


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