Comcast Morning Show Wednesday Top 5: Promotions Orioles Should Do This Season

May 20, 2009 | Glenn Clark

These are the top 5 things the Orioles should do to get fans to come to the games.

Here’s my list…
5. “Buy a ticket, go to the bullpen”
orioles bullpen

I mean-no one can be as bad as the guys we’ve used, right? Chris Ray didn’t get anyone out last night. I could do that!

4. Play a game on the Pimlico Infield
pimlico infield

Playing a game in a football stadium worked for the NHL, maybe playing a game at a horse track will work for the O’s

3. AC/DC Post Game Show

Just don’t try to schedule Van Halen….

2. “Cavalry Night”… Play a twi-night double header with the first game being a Minor League Game
wieters AA

Start the thing at 5pm, let fans come out and see the players from Bowie, Norfolk and Frederick that will be coming in the future…

1. “Apology Night”…Have a member of the front office stand at the entrance of every gate and apologize to the fans for the past 12 years.
Peter angelos

“Welcome to Camden Yards. We’re sorry for everything we’ve put you through as Orioles fans. We’d like for you to be a part of what we want to do in the future”

And Here’s Drew’s List…

5. “Give all the Revenue to Sliders, Pickles and the Wharf Rat”


To try to make up for the money they’ve lost over the years

4. “Squirt the Bird Night”… Everyone who buys a ticket gets a chance to squirt the Bird with a super soaker

I think this is pretty self explanatory….

3. “Wipe your rear end night”…The ushers who usually wipe our seat before the games, are given the chance to wipe something else.
o's usher

Remember the guy who kicked you out of the lower level despite the fact that NO ONE was at the game? How bout the guy who told you to stop yelling for the Orioles because there were WAAAY more Yankees fans at the game? Maybe it’s time for him to do some other work.

2. “Live” Condiment Race…Have kids dress up as the ketchup, mustard and relish, and actually race. Greg Bader will be the wiener.
wiener kids

1. “Win or get Fired”
donald trump

And Drew gets to pick which Birds employee gets the boot…