Coming home…when’s the game again?

February 02, 2008 | Drew Forrester

We wrapped up our 40-hours of Super Bowl 42 coverage today at 6pm.  I hope you enjoyed everything we were able to bring from Phoenix.  As was the case last year in Miami, we basically didn’t see the sun for a week.  We were up at 6am every morning, made the three block walk to the Phoenix Convention Center in the dark – and by the time we had a “refreshment” after the show and/or recorded a guest or two in the 4pm-5pm range (to play the next day), we usually walked back to the hotel in the dark.  I think I would like Phoenix if I could see what it looks like in the daylight!  lol 

By the way, when’s the game again?  Amidst all the hoopla, we sometimes forget we’re here to celebrate the 2007 season finale between the Patriots and Giants. 

“Radio Row” isn’t the easiest thing to pull off.  Great work was produced all week by Casey, Ray, Chris and, back home in the studio, my Comcast Morning Show producer and Polar Bear plunger, Adam Dembeck. If not for Casey and Chris dragging guests over, there’s no show from Phoenix.  Well, there would have been a show…we just wouldn’t have had guests!

Nestor did awesome work with the whole WNSTv thing all week too – I don’t know how many videos are up on the site, but everytime I looked over at him, he was busy uploading another video of one of our guests. 

It’s actually TOO busy on Radio Row, especially once Wednesday rolls around.  Everyone in the place (over 200 stations) wants the same guests, basically, and that makes it a time-squeeze and, often times, more disorganized than it really should be.  But, as I’ve now seen for two straight years, you just have to go into it knowing that you’re going to have guys who say they’ll be right back  – and then, they never show up… and you’ll have guys that say they don’t have 5 minutes for you – and then they show up (while you’re in commercial, invariably) and say, “I’ve got 3 minutes for you right now if you want me…”

We had a lot of good moments and a smattering of not-so-good moments but, overall, I think we gave you all a flavor of what Super Bowl week is all about.

It was great to see a bunch of current (and ex) Ravens in the Media Center.  Thanks again to Mike Flynn and Jason Brown for giving us an extended visit on Thursday (Flynn came back for more on Friday) and to Jon Ogden, who stopped by on Monday. 

I’m not staying for the big game.  I miss my 6-month old boy and my wife and I’m hopping on a plane tomorrow morning and coming home.  The rest of the gang are staying here to enjoy the Super Bowl.  Casey will have post-game locker room sound up on the web-site sometime late Sunday/early Monday and we’ll be able to use it Monday throughout the day on WNST.

I’ll be back on the air bright and early Monday morning to talk about the expected Patriots win.

And, who knows, the Orioles might even trade someone by then.  Or, if nothing else, maybe they’ll at least screw up a trade over the weekend and we can talk about that Monday as well.

I hear the weather’s not so hot back home.  Be careful out there.

Thanks again for listening this week. We’ll reconnect Monday morning at 6:07 am.