Complaint Department …. We’re Discussing Willie Randolph

May 21, 2008 |

It’s Wednesday, and that means my COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT is “Open For Business.” If you’ve got something to vent about, this is your chance. Don’t hold back, let ‘em know how you feel. Of course, I’ll give you my complaint …. feel free to chime in on my subject, or create your own topic …..

This week’s complaint centers around Willie Randolph. In case you’ve missed it, the embattled Mets manager is suggesting that RACE is a potential factor in his inability to steward the “other” New York team to a prosperous status. Are you kidding me? Race is a reason for Willie’s failures? Sorry …. I’m not buying.

In a recent interview, Randolph suggested that he’s been portrayed negatively by the Mets television and video outlet. He’s contended that crews seize opportunities to show him in a negative light, while the game is in progress. Huh?

Randolph further complained that TV cameras seem to find him when things are going badly for the team. In his opinion, they grab at chances to disseminate his image when he’s reacting negatively to the team’s play or unfolding circumstances. And, in Randolph’s opinion, players see it and probably say “look at Skip, he’s cursing us out.”

To compound his argument, Randolph compared his stature to that of Isiah Thomas and Herm Edwards, who have both coached and languished in the New York market. Hmmm ….. has Willie ever considered that Thomas and Edwards just aren’t very good coaches?

Look, I’m not privy to being a victim of racism. However, I do believe racism and discrimination are both alive and well, in our society. This is a sad truth ….. but a truth, nonetheless. I honestly believe there are instances of minorities being treated unfairly, in America, everyday. It’s a travesty …..

However, I think Willie Randolph’s accusations and excuses simply serve to cheapen and compromise the legitimate cases of racism. The failures of the New York Mets are tied to substandard on-field play. Nothing more ….. nothing less.

Randolph’s complaints are not productive and only serve as a distraction, when his team should be striving to pull together. Why create division or the potential for it? For me, this is the sign of a weak leader, and a guy who’s starting to realize his impending demise ….. simply, because his team isn’t winning.

And, this truth has no color.