Confession: It feels kinda weird rooting for the Yankees

October 07, 2009 | Drew Forrester

So here I am watching Game 1 of the Yankees and Twins series and I have to admit it feels a tad strange to beat openly rooting for the Yankees like this…but I am.

I wrote – and said – about a month or so ago that I was going to pull for the Yankees to win the World Series this year because I’m hoping it keeps the Orioles honest in the off-season as they attempt to “improve” their team for 2010.  

Last year at this time, with the Rays in the post-season and heading to their first World Series after nearly a decade and a half of wretched futility, all of the Apologists in town crooned together at the same time:  “You see, this is the way you do it.  This Tampa Bay team is for real.  They’re going to be a force in the A.L. East for a long, long time.”

Make that:  They’re going to be a force in the A.L. East for one year.  2008.

I’m by no means a fan of the Yankees at any other point in the calendar year, but I’m hoping they win in this post-season just to remind the Birds that quality players – high-level, championship caliber players – actually cost money.  The Yankees – and the Red Sox – run their clubs the right way.  They generate an enormous amount of revenue and in turn, devote a large portion of it to their respective player payrolls.

Here’s a shocker:  Both the Yankees and Red Sox win a lot.

I hope Boston beats the Angels too. 

But that series doesn’t start until Thursday.

Tonight, I’m rootin’ for Jeeetah, NickySwish, TexMessage, Alex The Great and Sabby.

Go get ’em boys.