Consider me STUNNED…Boller to start Sunday

December 17, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I wrote in an earlier blog today that I’d be STUNNED if Troy Smith isn’t the starting QB on Sunday at Seattle.

Well, consider me STUNNED. 

Brian Billick announced during his weekly Monday press conference that Kyle Boller will start Sunday’s game vs. the Seahawks.  Billick did preface that statement by saying Boller would start as long as he’s completely recovered from the concussion he suffered on Sunday at Miami, but Billick’s response to the original question:  "Did Troy Smith do enough against the Dolphins to earn the start at Seattle next Sunday?" was met with a very quick, "No, Kyle Boller will start.  He played very well in Miami and, providing that he’s 100%, he’ll start at Seattle."

I’m familiar with "the spin" that can take place on Monday as a means of trying to create some questions about who’s playing and who’s not playing – in terms of not wanting to help the competition – and I can say almost without question that Billick wasn’t "spinning" anything today.

If Boller’s healhy, he’s starting.  We’ll know more on Wednesday when the players report back to Owings Mills, but it’s safe to assume we won’t be seeing Troy Smith behind center to start the game unless Boller’s concussion is still lingering at mid-week.

Consider me STUNNED.

I guess the Troy Smith debut – as a starter – isn’t going to happen after all.