Converting from Christmas to Playoffs

January 01, 2011 | Marty Mossa

It’s like converting the rink from hockey to basketball.  Well not really.  This is the seventh January that I have taken down the soft white lights of Christmas and put in their place the purple lights representing the Ravens.  Every time the Ravens have qualified for the post season, I have made the conversion.  So today was no exception.  I only put up the purple lights if they make the playoffs, and my wife tell me I put more effort into the Ravens decorations than I do for Christmas.  She may be right. 

The only thing that remains from Christmas is the manager scene which I keep up through the 6th which is the epiphany.  That of course was when the wise men visited Jesus and presented him with gifts.

My bushes are now glowing in Raven purple.  My porch light is glowing in Raven Purple.  And how long the purple lights stay up depends on how far into the post season the Ravens make it.  Could this be the year I am able to keep the lights up and glowing until February 6th?  Well we’ll find out in the next couple of weeks, won’t we.