Converting From Ravens Fan to Football Fan

January 04, 2014 | Marty Mossa

Like most people who are citizens of Ravens Nations, I feel a little out of sorts oday. It’s been six years (2008) since I last took down my outdoor Christmas lights without replacing them with purple lights. Yes the front yard looks bare as all the lights are off, and all purple stuff put away for the year.

As I look at the field of twelve teams left, I find no teams I really hate. Oh there are teams I like, an some I don’t. But none I love like the Ravens, nor HATE like the Steelers. In fact this is the time since the 1999 season that neither the Ravens or the Steelers have not qualified for the playoffs.

Qualifying for Playoffs:
2000- Ravens
2001- Both
2004 & 2005 Steelers only

With this in mind, I have no real horse in the race. Although I’m tired of seeing Bob Kraft’s ugly mug during every Patriot’s game, and tired of hearing about Peyton Manning, and don’t particularly like Jim Harbaugh or Colin Kabernick; I really don’t care who wins the Super Bowl. I did pick Houston/Seattle to play in New Jersey in four weeks. And well the former 2-14 losing 14 straight, but the latter is favored to go. So it would be nice for one of my picks to win it all.

But since I have no horse in this race, I’m rooting for a good race. I look forward to some hard hitting, competitive football over the course of the next eleven post season games. And although I will miss the chance of going to Super Bowl XLVIII; I won’t miss the stress leading up to the games, or the horrible stress during the 2nd half of SB 47. I’m rooting for plenty of scoring and OT’s & double OT’s.

Here’s how I break down today/tomorrow’s games:

KC -2.5 @ Indy- I think Alex Smith and the Chiefs are due for a breakout games. I see KC leaving Indiana covering the spread. KC 31-28.

NO +3 @ Phi- Although NO hasn’t never won a road playoff game & it’s going to be cold tonight in Philly; I’m sorry, I can’t see Nick Foles beating Drew Brees. I just can’t see it. NO 28-17.

SD +7 @ Cin: The Bengals haven’t won a playoff game in 22 years. The Chargers almost lost to a JV Chiefs team last week. That woke SD up. Cincinatti will prolong the streak and agony for their fanes. SD 17-14.

SF -2.5 @ GB- Although SF went 12-4 and unfairly have to travel to GB 8-7-1, I think Aaron Rogers will outlast Colin Kapernik in the elements at Lambeau Field. Tomorrow’s forecast in Green Bay, Wisconsin calls for snow, high 3F and low -18F, with a win chill of -25F. Sorry 9er fans, going with the home team. For all it’s worth.

Of course of the 256 NFL regular season games played this season; I went 114-136-6, (-22 under .500 or .445) playing the lines. I’m hoping to rebound in the post season games. Good thing I didn’t actually put money on these games.