Could Aparicio be this year’s George Mason?

October 26, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Baltimore has been heard.

The Sun – stealing OUR idea from the summer  of ’08 when we conducted a bracket-style “King of Baltimore Sports” contest – is trying to identify Baltimore’s biggest celebrity.  They started with 64 Baltimore celebrities last week and are trying to wittle them down via reader voting to come up with Baltimore’s #1 face/name.

The whole competition is a complete sham now, based mainly on the fact that Stacy Keibler beat Cal Ripken, Jr., Jennifer Gilbert beat Ray Lewis and Dave Durian beat Anita Marks AND Joe Flacco.  

Those three results tarnished just about any other voting outcome that could possibly happen from here on in.

There is a silver lining though.  The voters apparently paid attention long enough to give one local celebrity his due after years of hard work in the community.  Nestor has advanced to the Sweet 16. 

He doesn’t stand a chance against Denise Koch, you say?  

Yeah, that’s what they said about George Mason back in 2006 in the NCAA basketball tournament.

That’s what they said, of course, until the Patriots steamrolled four bigger opponents before finally falling in the Semi-Final to Florida.  

All Nestor has to do now is dispose of pesky Denise Koch, the TV icon from WJZ, Channel 13.  Aparicio’s latest celebrity victim was ice skater Kimmie Meissner, in case you were wondering.  

Glenn and I teamed up for a “Comcast Morning Show” vote last Friday and after weighing all the evidence, we actually voted for Meissner.

Shows you what we know.

As for the upcoming round, we urge all of you to get out and vote for your favorite celebrity.

And remember, it’s Aparicio, with an “A”.

Our official Comcast Morning Show vote will be placed on Wednesday morning.   We’re going over the outstanding C.V.’s of Nestor and Denise Koch.  It’s a tough call. 

I smell an upset.