Count on this: I’m bouncing back on Sunday

October 17, 2009 | Drew Forrester

After a bad Sunday for both me AND the Ravens, I know for sure I’m going to bounce back tomorrow.

I’m not as sure about the Ravens, but I’m confident they’ll put up a good fight in Minnesota.

For me — I’m willing to GUARANTEE I bounce back on Sunday with my “10 things you can count on” blog.

And I’m also willing to bet some of you jerks out there that I do come back strong, with at least 7 of my 10 points turning out to be correct tomorrow.

Those of you – the jerks, as I affectionally refer to you all – who were quick to point out that I had a bad Sunday a week ago are never as quick to point out when I do get them right…like week #2 when I was 4 for 10.  Remember, if you go 4-for-10 in major league baseball, you’re a Hall of Famer.  

I won’t go 4-for-10 tomorrow.  I’ll go 7-for-10…at least.

And I’m willing to wager $10 per-jerk that I do.  The money will go to Maryvale Prep…either way.

For all of you who want to wager, just reply to this blog and say, “I’m in for $10”. 

If I go at least 7-for-10, you pony up $10 for Maryvale Prep.

If I don’t go at least 7-for-10, I’ll put up $10 per-wager and donate it to Maryvale Prep.

So let’s go.  

Calling all the jerks who laughed at my bad performance last Sunday.  Come out, come out, wherever you are.

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