Crab Cakes and Light Beer

June 12, 2009 |

Hey guys, forgot to publish this yesterday.  Better late than never though.

While on my daily stroll of the sports blog world today I chanced upon a few Ravens offense reviews.  Needless to say I read every word of these articles. I would love it if football season went year round. But, instead I have to wait till July 28th for the start of training camp.  Here are the links.

Quarterback Review Offense Playbook

They also provided me with a reasonable excuse to zone out the gripe brothers talk about the Orioles and tune into a moral booster.

To continue today’s football post… the Steelers have unveiled their Superbowl Rings. Needless to say I’m upset.  Not only because of the Ravens’ loss to the Steelers in the playoffs… but because it looks so darn good.  Need I remind you of this goof trooped piece of pipe.

Ravens Ring

On a slightly less American football related topic –


Thats all for me today.  I will leave you with a stab at Ocho Cinco’s face. It wont be the first.