May 25, 2009 |

Give the Orioles and the Nationals a lot of credit.  Never did two bad teams ever get this much coverage in the history of the game.  Pity poor MASN, who has to broadcast all the games for a pair of last place teams, but that pain is doubled when the two stinkers meet up for inter-league play.  It was just fascinating to hear the spin going on in the over crowded television booth during the games this weekend.  Key words included: young talent , up and coming teams and building toward the future.  It’s almost as if these guys have flash cards with those phrases on them and they pass them back and forth during the ballgame.  “Your turn to read the flash cards, Jim.”   Thanks to MASN, the television booth was absolutely packed!  It reminded me of the baseball scene in the original Naked Gun movie.  They introduce the broadcasters for the fictional game in the movie and the list includes Curt Gowdy, Dick Enberg,  Mel Allen, Dick Vitale, Dr. Joyce Brothers and………JIM PALMER!  I was wondering if Cakes was having Naked Gun flashbacks when he had to share the microphone this weekend with Rob Dibble, Bob Carpenter, Jim Hunter, Amber Theoharis, etc, etc, etc.

I did like the chemistry between Rob Dibble and Jim Palmer though.  It was an old school and new school kinda love.  Dibble did go a little overboard with the Palmer praise over the weekend.  Okay Dibs, you admire the guy.  We get it!  One thing I would really like Dibble to do away with is the “us”and “we” nonsense anytime he refers to the Nationals.  “We have to pitch better out of the bullpen.”  “Our team can score alot of runs, we just can’t win.”  The last time I checked, Rob Dibble never pitched for Washington in his career.  Save the us and we stuff for when you are talking about the Reds.  Dibble is to be commended for drawing quite a few great stories out of Palmer and deferring to the Hall of Famer when it came time to discuss pitching. 

While on the topic of pitching, the great Bob Feller popped into the booth Sunday (the more the merrier) and that made for some great television.  Feller is 90 years old and the dude was sharp as a tack!  He was on hand to throw out the first pitch and he snapped the catchers mitt with his ceremonial toss.  It was fantastic to hear about the “Heater from Van Meter” pitching 279 career complete games and occassionally throwing 220 pitches in a game.   For being 90 years old, his recall was just amazing. talking about pitches he threw to Ted Williams and Lou Gehrig.  The inclusion of Bob Feller into the broadcast was a real feather in the cap for MASN.

The greatest sight and sounds of the Beltway Series came out of the mouth of a five year old.  Did you happen to catch the rendition of God Bless America by little Kaitlyn Maher?  It was priceless.  The little cutie just nailed the tune perfectly and captured the hearts of anyone who saw it.  Considering what we are celebrating this weekend, it made it all the more special.  Try to find her performance on-line.  It will melt your heart.  Now, if only the teams playing the games could be so professional and entertaining.  Now that would be the perfect weekend.