Crushing (Drew) Day

February 28, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Any of you out there who frequent the local nightclub scene have probably heard of a longtime favorite Baltimore band called “Crushing Day”.  I saw them a couple of times in the late 1990’s and just a few days ago I was driving around and saw their name up on billboard outside of a local establishment.

Seeing that name – Crushing Day – got me to thinking…that’s precisely what we need on The Comcast Morning Show

Only…we’re going to call it Crushing (Drew) Day.

And, it starts tomorrow, Friday, February 29.

I told you a few weeks ago I was going to make some changes – some obvious, some not – to the show and this will be one of the more obvious ones.

I’m inviting all of my critics to get in line and take part in a new Friday ritual called, “Crushing (Drew) Day”. 

In the future, you’ll “apply” for the role via e-mail, simply by reaching out to me at: – and telling me you want to vent your anger/frustration, etc. towards me ON THE AIR. 

I’ll take one participant every Friday.  I should have my March, April and May shows filled up by, what, 5:30pm tonight?

I’m not taking applications for tomorrow’s debut edition of “Crushing (Drew) Day”.  I’m nominating Friday’s participant:  Matt Bleach

Matt has been a constant detractor of me, the show and WNST in general.

He sends me what we at the station playfully call “hate mail” and spills his guts to me about how much he can’t stand me, my work or WNST. It’s become a weekly thing with Matt, which is fine if he has that much free time on his hands, I guess.  Reading another one of his Ayn Rand-type missives the other day, I got to thinking – ”why shouldn’t I just give Matt the mic for a minute and let him shout out his displeasure with me to the radio world?”

Tomorrow morning at 7:35, he gets his chance to let it all out on the air.  He’ll have one full minute – uninterrupted – to say anything and everything he would like about me, the show, the radio station, etc.

My mic will be closed the entire time.  It won’t be an on-air debate or anything like that.

Matt will call in…I’ll put him on the air, and the floor will be his for 60 seconds. He can bash away to his heart’s delight. 

There will be a few rules to “Crushing (Drew) Day”, since we do have an FCC license to protect.  You absolutely can not swear during your 60 seconds and you can not use slurs of a racial or sexual origin.  In other words, you can be as mean as you want, but you have to be “clean mean”.  If you violate any of those rules, we’ll just hit the “dump” button and your words won’t make the air anyway and, the segment will end. If you follow those rules, however, you’ll have a full 60 seconds to tell everyone out there why I suck, why the station stinks, etc.

The other rule – and this won’t apply to Matt Bleach since I already know his real name – is that you must come on the air under your real identity.  In other words, to safely be somewhat accountable for your actions, you can’t be the participant in “Crushing (Drew) Day” and do so using the moniker of “JWS” or “Columbia Ken” or “Dipper9”.  For once in your life, you actually have to man-up and use your real name.  Hopefully some of you can remember what your real name is, right?

Other than that, the floor – as they say – is open for your fun and frolic…as long as you’re “clean mean”.

To the aforementioned like JWS, Columbia Ken and Dipper9 – and any other detractors that want to get in (including all members of the baseball team’s front office!) – be sure and sign up for a future Friday edition of “Crushing (Drew) Day” by e-mailing me ( and I’ll set it all up with you.

It should be fun.

Some of you might even use this opportunity as therapy to rid yourself of built-up angst in your body that might be keeping you from reaching other more important life goals.

Matt Bleach…come out, come out wherever you are. 

You’re up first.  You know how to reach me. 

I’ll talk to you Friday morning.

Actually, you’ll do all the talking.