Crystal Palace FC vs. New England Revolution

July 08, 2008 |

The Crystal Palace FC will be taking on the MLS New England Revolution tomorrow at 7 PM in New Britian, Connecticut. This is definitely a David vs. Goliath matchup. The New England Revolution has the best record in the MLS and Crystal Palace is currently in third place in the USL2.

Crystal Palace FC is the only remaining team still left in the US Open Cup from the USL2 and they will be playing the defending US Open Cup Champions on their own home field.

The New England Revolution is loaded with talent. 11 current Revolution players have been on the roster of one of the US National Team’s; either Under 18, Under 20, Under 23, the Olympic Team or the US Men’s Team. Players such as Taylor Twellman, Steve Ralston, Matt Reis, Michael Parkhurst, Chris Albright, Adam Christman, Rob Valentino, Pat Phelan, Amaechi Jawe, Jay Heaps & Doug Warren. To top that off there are 7 other players on the Revolution roster that are or have played on National Teams from their own countries. In contrast the Crystal Palace FC roster has had 10 players play for one of their teams National Teams.

After stating all this it would look like the New England Revolution would have a cake walk in this quarterfinal matchup. Not so fast!! This Crystal Palace squad has been tough all year and has already knocked off one MLS team in this Cup. Granted it was the New York Red Bulls and they did rest some of their players for the game. From looking at the articles I have found on this matchup from the New England area it does not seem that the New England Revolution are too worried about Crystal Palace. To me it seems as if the Revolution are more worried about their July 13th matchup with Mexican power Santos Laguna.

This will all work, hopefully, in Crystal Palace’s favor. The Crystal Palace team is far better then alot of other teams give them credit to be. They have alot of young players with a ton of Championship experience who given the chance would love to knock off the BIG DOG.

I have a strong feeling that this game will be alot closer then people think it will be. I’m not saying that the Crystal Palace team will beat the New England Revolution, but they will give them a good tough close game. I did tell Co-Manager Jim Cherneski that they would beat the Red Bulls in the last round. Hopefully they can pull this upset off as well!!

I did see that the New England Revolution will be broadcasting the game online if you are interested in hearing the game.

Good Luck Crystal Palace FC!!