Damn, That Was A Shot !!!!

June 12, 2009 |

If you’re not doing anything this afternoon, let’s get a group together and watch Russ Branyan’s homerun off Brian Bass finally fall to earth. In a word …. WOW !!!!

In typical Orioles fashion, they’re concocting numbers to fit the team’s agenda. Or, maybe Major League Baseball doesn’t want the reporting of any record-distance homeruns – if you smell what I’m cooking …..

The initially announced distance of Branyan’s homerun was 450 feet, but they didn’t mention it was stopped in flight by the Toyota billboard, next to the Jumbotron, beyond the centerfield bleachers.

I’m hearing of some post-game informal measurements approaching the 500-foot threshold. In fact, I’m told the Toyota sign, itself, stands further than 450 feet from homeplate. Considering the ball struck the sign in flight – it’s obvious it would’ve traveled further.

By the way, how in the heck do they measure a homerun, WITHOUT ACTUALLY MEASURING IT …..

Is the “Tale Of The Tape” function just some college intern coming up with a good guess, so long as it doesn’t exceed a certain number ???

While we’re on the subject of memorable homeruns, let’s get this clear ….. Frank Robinson DID NOT hit the longest homerun at Memorial Stadium. The longest homer ever hit on 33rd Street was slugged by Harmon Killebrew, at 471 feet.

Frank Robinson’s shot, which landed outside the stadium was measured at 451 feet. And, as we all know, Robinson’s homer was the only fair ball to leave the confines of Memorial Stadium.

Lastly, I’m inclined to recall the furthest homerun I’ve personally witnessed. It came in the 1996 American League Championship Series, and it was off the bat of Darryl Strawberry. Do you remember that shot? Indeed, it hit the ivy out near the bullpens.

Still, Russ Branyan dwarfed Strawberry’s blast with swing of the stick, last night. It was a mammoth shot. And, it pretty much puts a bow on the first two months of Branyan’s season – which by all accounts is turning out to be a career year.

Since Branyan owns a .238 career batting average, his current clip of .317 is pretty amazing. He’s always packed a powerful bat, but he’s known for missing much, much more than connecting.

I’m not levying any accusations Russ Branyan’s way – God knows I don’t want him going RAUL IBANEZ ON ME. But, it’s peculiar, nonetheless.

As for last night, that was one helluva shot ….. PERIOD.