#DC Rising

May 04, 2014 | Tony Thornton

Are you excited about this Wizards team as I am? The Washington Wizards are playing the top seeded Indiana Pacers Monday night, in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. Even though Paul George, Lance Stephenson, David West and Roy Hibbard are imposing forces, the Wizards, to me feel like the better team in this match-up. They have had five days to relax and heal up to prepare for this series, after beating the Chicago Bulls in the opening round. The Pacers just finished a grueling and grinding seven games against the Atlanta Hawks, where they were thoroughly challenged by their guard play. Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver raining 3-point shots for the Hawks, took the Pacers to the brink. Just think what Trevor Ariza, Bradley Beal and John Wall will bring to the table, especially with their speed and versatility. Can you imagine Roy Hibbard, who at seven feet-two, who already had a difficult time scoring in the paint early in the previous series, competing against Marcin Gortat and Nene? Bring in veteran Al Harrington, and Drew Gooden off the bench, this team looks like they have it all together, poised to make a run to the Eastern Conference finals against the Heat. Yes – Miami will win the series against Brooklyn.

The Wizards last appearance in the playoff was in 2008 and finally winning their first playoff series since 2005 against the Bulls. They are getting hot at the right time. Kind of reminiscent of the 2012 Ravens team, right? I had the privilege of attending the game at the Verizon Center in March, where the Wizards took it to the Pacers, 91-78. Impressive win, but gave me hope this team is ready for the big time. Can’t wait to watch this team and its quest to rise to the top!