January 10, 2009 |

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Dear Rafa,

I don’t know that I have the words to describe how disappointed we that we dropped two points to Stoke City. Again. But after talking with some of the lads, this is what we’ve come up with.

Why is Lucas so sh!te? And more importantly why does he continue to be so in a Liverpool uniform. It strikes us that you didn’t afford Momo the same confidence or number of opportunities that Lucas has been given and he was better at what he did. When the Kop faithful starts to boo, the pen has been put to wall.

Many of us have a theory. Lucas Leiva either is in possession of some compromising photographs, some of his cronies in Rio are holding a family member hostage or he is family. Any of these scenarios plays out when a player that continues to be this poor on a consistent basis for England’s most storied team is allowed to keep a starting (and worse still, finishing) job.

We understand that we shouldn’t judge a man on one bad performance, or by one good one (the one, and only one, against Newcastle), but we’ve seen enough of the former to convince us that our lack of faith in his abilities are justified. He clearly lacks the speed, imagination and general midfield vision to pry open opposing defenses. His strongest suits are bundling over opposition players in menacing positions and passing the ball backwards. Other than that, he’s great.

It’s a team game of course, and to single out one individual may not seem fair. But in this case it is. He actually makes the players around him worse when he is on the field. We feel that he is under the fallacious assumption that he gets paid according to the number of touches he takes when he is on the ball.

We have looked at is from an objective point of view, taking in all sides, and we have determined that there really is no valid argument for keeping him in the squad. Even with the injury to Xabi Alonso, there are alternatives. A 4-4-2 formation with Stevie G and Javi Masch shoring up the midfield behind the most expensive (and healthy) strike force ever amassed in Liverpool Football Club history being one of them. We don’t get paid what you do nor do we appreciate the intricacies of management, but we do know what works we when we see it happen. Today didn’t work.

Also, we are having a bit of tough one deciphering how a team like Stoke has burgled 4 points from us when teams that can, and do, put teams like Stoke to bed before the second half has started are tightening their circles. We felt that it might have been a better option to tug Lucas at the hour mark and put Robbie up front with Nando and give them a shot at the Stoke back two.

We continue, however to keep the faith. We’ll write you next week. Remember, you’ll never walk alone.

Yours truly,

Extremely Disappointed but Continually Optimistic