Defense Wins Championships, Super Bowl Reflection

February 06, 2014 | Nick Dorsey




Defense wins championships has been a phrase that has stood out in the NFL when talking about the teams who are hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at seasons end. In the modern era of football, it is a league that is tailored to the offense and quarterbacks. Offenses are putting up stats that have never been seen in the games history.

The Denver Bronco’s were the highest scoring offense in the game and Peyton Manning broke all kinds of passing records during the regular season. So when the Super Bowl presented a match up between the number one offense and number one defense during the 2013 regular season, there was plenty of intrigue surrounding the biggest game.

With so much hype garnered toward Peyton Manning and his legacy, Seattle stole the show early on. The game was over after the first snap. The center snapped it over the head of Manning, which resulted in a safety. The Seahawks were unable to put Denver away for several drives because they could only convert field goals.

It did not matter for Seattle because the Denver offense could not get anything going. The protection struggled for Manning throughout the night and it led to a pick six for Seattle in the second quarter. The Broncos were down 22 points at half and there was still a slight glimpse of hope.

That slight feeling of hope was shattered when Percy Harvin took back the opening kick off of the second half for a 29-0 lead. A game, in which everyone thought was going to be a great battle, ended up being one of the biggest blowouts in Super Bowl history.

The final score of the Super Bowl was 43-8 with Malcolm Smith being named the Super Bowl MVP. Smith had the pick six during the second quarter and also a fumble recovery. The MVP could have been given to anyone or everyone on the Seattle defense because they were a force all night.

It was the most dominant Super Bowl defensive display we have ever seen. With the dominant performance, the Bronco’s offense looked inept. They were unable to dink and dunk their way past the physical defense.

So much was riding on this game for the legacy of Peyton Manning. If he would have won this Super Bowl, many of us were ready to pin him as the greatest quarterback of all time. I was in the minority of those who did not feel that way.What I found interesting over the course of the past few days was the fall out from the big game.

There was so much talk about Manning’s legacy and if it took a hit after the Super Bowl blowout. Lots of the same critics that were ready to call him the greatest if he had won said his legacy did not take a hit. For me, his legacy did not take a hit because I still had him ranked behind Tom Brady in just this era regardless.

What I found ironic for these critics is how they were so ready to take this one game as the ultimate staple for placing Manning above all other quarterbacks. Should there not be a consequence for him not only losing this game, but not even being the slightest bit competitive from the first snap?

I still think Manning is a great quarterback, but this game just helped reassure my opinion that Tom Brady is still a better quarterback. In the future, I will have a column that is dedicated to ranking the quarterbacks of all time. Its time now to pay respect to the team who won the big dance.

In an era where the offense is consistently dominant, Seattle proved as clear as it possibly could that defense still wins championships. This defense is so great across all levels of the defense. The defensive line is deep with gap clogging tackles and first class edge rushers. The linebackers are physical, instinctive and fast. Then there is the famous Legion of Boom.

This defense is the best example of how to build a team and is also a picture perfect display of what great drafting will do for your franchise. This team is young and will be at the top of the league for several years to come.

Seattle has several key free agents to resign this offseason including Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate and Michael Bennett. Tate already said he is willing to take a hometown discount to stay and Bennett is reported, as saying he 100% wants to return to Seattle as well.

The Seahawks will be dangerous for the next few years because so many of their key contributors are not costing the front office a whole lot of money. Russell Wilson was a third round pick and Richard Sherman was a fifth round pick. These two players are not yet eligible for their big paydays, so they are still playing on their rookie deals.

With some of these stars still on their cheap rookie contracts, that allows the Front office to retain the free agents they would like to bring back. This Seattle team is most likely to be kept fully in tact and will have a draft up ahead as well.This franchise has shown how good it is at drafting players, so it figures they will add more playmakers to this team.

When you look at the team’s future, they play in the toughest division in football. The Cardinals and Rams are up and coming franchises and the 49ers were close to taking down the Hawks in the NFC championship game. Seattle is definitely the favorite for next year in the NFC as San Francisco and Carolina look like the teams that would have the best chance at knocking them off. If those teams or any others are unable to do so, this Seattle team can start flirting with the idea of the D word, Dynasty.