Deja Vu

January 05, 2009 |

As Ricky Bobby said in Talledega Nights, “That just happened!!” The last time the Baltimore Ravens were in Miami for a play-off game, they beat the Dolphins. That was also the last time the Ravens won a play-off game.

The Ravens used a great performance by Ed Reed and an opportunistic offense to advance to the divisional round of the AFC Play-offs next week against the Tennessee Titans. Even though I know I’m going to be faced with talks of the Ravens beating the Titans Monday on my show, I’m still buzzing over the first play-off win for this team in seven seasons. With the way they played on Sunday, it’s difficult to be anything but hopeful when looking down the road.

We will need a much better performance from our running game to sustain drives against the Titans defense, but the Ravens have been known to do whatever needs to be done to win games. This game also features two defensive coordinators who are at the top of everyone’s coaching candidate’s list as well.

This is so much fun. I never thought we would be preparing for our first play-off game this season, so naturally a second game never came to mind. However, we have a full week to engage in conversation about Ravens vs. Titans. Let the fun begin.