Derrick Martin should make a guest appearance on ‘Weeds’

June 30, 2008 |

I guess the title of this blog should be “Re: Weeding out the truth…”. But considering I’m semi-addicted to the Showtime hit series “Weeds” I figured that I’d give it a free plug. It’s hysterical…and I think a lot of NFL players would really like to meet Nancy Botwin, including one of the Raven’s CBs.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story. Ravens CB Derrick Martin was allegedly cited at Hopkins International in Cleveland for having three bags of hippie lettuce in his carry-on luggage. Martin says it wasn’t him…c’mon…really?

I want to believe Martin, but it’s hard to dispute the fact that this guy who was stopped at the airport had the exact same name, date of birth, and address as he does. In my book, he’s guilty as charged.

I want to start off by saying that I think marijuana, to some extent, should be decriminalized in this country. It is significantly less harmful to your body than hard drugs (cocaine, heroin, meth, etc.), alcohol, and most prescription medication. I also think that it does have many medicinal benefits, especially for cancer and AIDS patients. Many people argue about the illegality of pot. Remember, there was a time when alcohol was illegal in this country, so I believe that one day marijuana prohibition will end…probably in my lifetime.

But when you’re making millions of dollars, what the hell are you doing smuggling three bags of pot through an international airport? An airport with drug dogs around every corner…a place where people are on high alert in the first place for anything suspicious…it’s just the height of stupidity. Wait ‘til you get home!

And having it in three separate bags can even complicate the situation. Maybe one of you policeman or lawyers can back me up on this, but I believe if you are found with pot in separate bags you can be charged with possession with intent to distribute. Why else would you keep a stash in three separate bags?

Look, if a player wants to responsibly indulge in the off-season, I’m fine with that because it’s their personal choice. Who am I to tell them how to live their life? If I were a coach, I’d rather have my player smoke a little weed at his house with his friends in the off-season then go out to the clubs with Pacman, get drunk, and shoot up the town every weekend. Regardless, it’s important to remember that weed is still illegal, so just be smart about it.

You may be asking yourself what defines “responsible” use. Apply the same rules to alcohol consumption (except for the age rule…if you can light up a cancer stick when you’re 18, you should be able to smoke pot): don’t use it to excess, don’t drive, don’t do it before the age of 18, don’t do it in public, don’t come to work/school baked, etc.

I agree with Drew that 30-40% of NFL players smoke weed. I would wager that it’s more like 40-50%. Why? In this sense, the NFL is just like the private high school party scene. When you mix money and boredom, people can get themselves involved with drugs. NFL players can fall into that boredom trap during the off-season because they have a relatively short “on-season.” The off-season is a time when workouts are spread apart and when they do not have to work because they’re making plenty of green (pardon the pun).

We could debate all day about marijuana vs. alcohol, marijuana vs. hard drugs, etc. The fact of the matter is that weed is less harmful to your body than booze, so I have no problem with Derrick Martin smoking weed in the off-season (allegedly). I DO have a problem with him trying to smuggle it through an airport…I have an even bigger problem with him not being a man and admitting when he made a mistake.