Despite their recent swoon, these aren’t the same old Orioles

June 08, 2009 |

After getting swept by the A’s dropping them to a season high nine game under .500, the 2009 Orioles are looking much like the Orioles of recent years, but I am not giving up on them yet.

For the last 11 years the Orioles have been an inept franchise that seemed to find a new way to lose every game. In the last week, there has been an excitement about this team and that should remain despite the dreadful west coast trip.

Against Oakland, everything went wrong: the bats were silent, starting pitching was awful and the Orioles made blunders reminding fans of the past Orioles teams, but  these aren’t the same old Orioles.

This next week will go along way in determining if these are the same old Orioles or if the franchise has turned the corner like I believe they have.

Good teams respond from adversity and follow up long losing streaks with long winning streaks. I am not saying that Orioles are going to win their next 12 games but I do not expect this team to fold like they did around this time in previous seasons.

Matt Wieters, David Hernandez, Jason Berkin, Brad Bergesen and Nolan Reimold don’t know anything of ineptitude of the Orioles of the past 11 years because they were not a part of it. All these players know is the excitement from the fan base that came with their debuts and the hope that they represent to those  fans.

Every major league team goes through slumps, but because of the players I just named, this ball club will not fold completely. The young players have not been a part of the losing culture in Baltimore and they are looking to create a winning culture for the first time in 12 years.

Much of losing is not in the X’s and O’s but in your mind set. If a team believes they are going to lose then they lose, but if they believe that they can win, then more often then not they win. I do still think there is a losing mind set around this team, but despite their recent swoon, I believe that mind set is shifting.

The Orioles return home starting on Tuesday and I hope that the atmosphere of their last weekend at home is still there during this home stand. This team still has hope and still provides reasons to watch.

I understand that nobody wants to go out and watch a losing team, but these aren’t the same old futile Orioles. The days of Albert Belle, Omar Daal, Rick Helling, Charles Jonhson and the second stint of Rafael Palmiero are over and a new era is upon us.

There is once again hope in Baltimore and fans should still embrace this team. Good players are here and there are more to come this season.

Not every fan is like me and a losing June that drops the Orioles far out of contention could have people shifting their mind set from the debut of Chris Tillman to the start of Ravens training camp. June will be a key month for the Orioles.

Despite their record I am following this team pitch by pitch and inning by inning and other should do the same.

After losing their 5th straight game on Sunday the Orioles fell to 24-33 on the season, trying a season high of nine games under .500.  Despite these number this franchise has taken major strides in the right direction.

The same old Orioles? I think not.