Diary of a Skater Tot

October 14, 2008 |

The Derby gods have shined on me, or it’s all about the gear.

Blister Count – 6
Practice induced bruises – 2
Charlie Brown style falls – 2

I can’t believe tryouts are in a week!

For those of you still going through the should I or shouldn’t I tryout internal monologue, here are some tips.

I am really starting to feel comfortable with my progress and I can credit that to the fact that I got my own skates.  I was lucky enough to find a hand me down pair of R3’s (what’s considered the derby starter skate) and that’s made all the difference.

For those of you who are struggling through open skates with rentals, you will feel like an Olympic gold medalist when you get your own gear.  I would almost recommend you not even bothering if you aren’t going to find some way to get your own skates.  Beg, eat Ramen for a month, barter, dog walk – do what ever you have to do.  Go to Black Eyed Susan Skate Shop and have them fit you for skates. The sizing is different from standard shoe sizing.  Then, try Ebay, a roller girl and, if all else fails, buy a new pair!

Get in as much skating as you can, especially the drills sessions offered by CCRG and Black Eyed Susan.  You will learn so much and the coaches pass on a ton of knowledge through their own experience.

Don’t give up!  The CCRG wants every hardworking tot to succeed.

I am really excited for the big championship bout on the 25th!!  I’ll be looking through the eyes of an Skater Tot anxious to hit the track for next Tuesdays tryout.

Wish me luck!