Did anyone else see the same thing on MASN

May 19, 2007 | Nestor Aparicio

I have two confirmed reports via text — one from Casey Willett — that around 8:35 a uniform appeared in the crowd and on the screen on MASN that said F.ANGELOS.
My source, The Virgin, says he thought it was No. 5, but wasn’t sure if it was a Nats or an O’s. He’s at Nabbs Creek.
Casey, however, ALSO didn’t have the DVR running on this. He’s out on the town with his wife at Della Roses.


Does anyone have a picture of the screen they can send me with this scene? (I’ll send you to dinner!) Is it "you-tubable" or is that illegal? (I don’t even know!)

Apparently the MASN staff cut away almost immediately. But I still think it’s funny! (Not that I’d EVER "encourage" this sort of activity!) But if someone spent the dough to make it, wear it AND get it on MASN. That’s a dude I wanna hang out and  eat peanuts and drink beer and go to a ballgame with!

My wife and I were actually watching the game and must’ve spaced, because we WERE watching it, but not recording it. When it was 3-0, we saw that Best In Show was on E! We tried to start taping it and the channel changed and we lost our DVRed recording…and now, well…I’m screwed for a good laugh unless someone comes up with it for me…

Any help out there???

Thanks…I need some levity!

P.S. We’re watching Best of Show now…it’s the "busy bee" scene…an American comedy classic, this flick! Or as we’d say: "That’s some funny s**t!"