Did You Know? Super Bowl Facts….

February 06, 2008 |

As some of you know- I’ve been a TV and Radio stats guy for 15 years for ESPN and CBS. So- after watching 100 hours of ESPN highlights and a few adult beverages and wings-  I conjured up a few facts and figures from Super Bowl 42:

Did You Know??!!!

* Jeff Feagles (the punter) became the oldest player to ever win a Super Bowl ring at 40 yrs and 333 days old.

* Tom Coughlin became the 3rd oldest head coach (61, 156 days) to win a Super Bowl– only to be topped by Dick Vermeil (63) and Weeb Ewbank (61, 251 days).

* Patriots led the NFL in points scored this year- 17th team in NFL history to do so and make it to the Super Bowl. Teams the led the regular season in points scored are now only 9-8 in the Super Bowl.

* Giants had 11 rookies on their roster. The most by a Super Bowl team since New England had 11 on their roster 11 yrs ago.

* Eli Manning was the 7th QB taken #1 overall to make it to the Super Bowl. #1 QB Selections are now 13-4 in the Super Bowl (including Peyton- who did it last year).

* Giants had only 3 players on thier roster with Super Bowl Experience (Strahan, Toomer, and Grey Ruegamer). New England had 20.

* New England has lost 4 straight coin tosses in the Super Bowl.

* Finally- Tom Coughlin coached 205 regular and post season games before finally making it to the Super Bowl. The most in NFL history by a head coach before making a Super Bowl appearance.

* Giants are the fist team in NFL history to start 4 different QB’s in each of their 4 Super Bowl appearences. (They are 3-1– only loss was Kerry Collins to the Ravens. Winners were Phil Simms, Jeff Hostettler, and Eli Manning)

Whew…..I’m tired….time for a nap….