Divisional Weekend Should Favor Home Teams

January 11, 2014 | Marty Mossa

Last week of the four Wildcard Weekend football games; three of the four visitors won. The 49ers, Saints, and Chargers all won as road team, And had KC not lost Jamal Charles and choked away a 28 point lead; four of for road teams would have won last week.

Well I think home cooking is going to pay dividend for three of the four home teams in the Divisional Round are likely to win. Seattle host the New Orleans Saints, New England hosts the Colts, Broncos will host the Chargers, and the Panthers will host the 49ers.

Seattle is an eight point favorite against the Saints. I think they will cover. The Patriots are seven point favorites against the Indianapolis Colts, and the Broncos are 9.5 point favorites against the Chargers. I think all the home teams will win. The only road team I think will win will be the San Francisco 49ers over the home team Carolina Panthers. The 9ers are one point favorites and I think they’ll cover.

If everything happens the way I think they will; the final four will be a series of dream acts for the NFL. The Seahawks would host the 49ers for an NFC West three peat, and the AFC would see the playoff rematch of Brady/Manning.

I’m going with all the favorites this week, and was 2-2 last week.